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WELP...I have so many regrets! I stumbled upon this game while browsing Steam during the last sale and that blonde dude reminded me of A3's Sakyo on THAT ONE SCREENSHOT (and it really was the only one) so I kind of...ended up buying the whole thing? Because at that point in time I must've thought… Continue reading MY BUTLER

Game Notes · PC / Steam


Tbh, I only bought Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome because I wanted to try a R18 game at least once in my life and I expected  n o t h i n g  from it - or, well, nothing good at least. Surprisingly enough, I had quite a lot of fun! The sexy times were...not as… Continue reading FASHIONING LITTLE MISS LONESOME


2017 RECAP

Another year has come to an end. Well, not quite, but....soon! This year I didn't play as many otome games as I thought I would, mainly because I ended up playing other games instead...oh well. ( ̄∀ ̄*) Here's a quick general gaming summary for 2017: I played Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, Sora no Kiseki 3rd, NieR… Continue reading 2017 RECAP

Game Notes · PC / Steam


It was about time I started working on my backlog, so here we are...Nightshade! Is this what a Naruto romance-VN would've been like? ( ^∀^)Hahahaha~. Jokes aside, I really felt thrown back to my teenage years by this game. Back then I LOVED ninja-themed stuff. I can't say I'm very hyped about it nowadays, but I still… Continue reading NIGHTSHADE / HYAKKA HYAKUROU