Game Notes · PC / Steam


Tbh, I only bought Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome because I wanted to try a R18 game at least once in my life and I expected  n o t h i n g  from it - or, well, nothing good at least. Surprisingly enough, I had quite a lot of fun! The sexy times were...not as… Continue reading FASHIONING LITTLE MISS LONESOME

Game Notes · PS Vita


Oh boy. At first I thought this game would bore me to death, because it sounded like some modern Cinderella kinda story, only it was set in a high school. Once the mysteries started piling up, though, I got really hooked! Sadly the big reveal wasn't as...exciting as I hoped it would be. I'm kinda… Continue reading ZETTAI KAIKYUU GAKUEN


2017 RECAP

Another year has come to an end. Well, not quite, but....soon! This year I didn't play as many otome games as I thought I would, mainly because I ended up playing other games instead...oh well. ( ̄∀ ̄*) Here's a quick general gaming summary for 2017: I played Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, Sora no Kiseki 3rd, NieR… Continue reading 2017 RECAP

Game Notes · PC / Steam


It was about time I started working on my backlog, so here we are...Nightshade! Is this what a Naruto romance-VN would've been like? ( ^∀^)Hahahaha~. Jokes aside, I really felt thrown back to my teenage years by this game. Back then I LOVED ninja-themed stuff. I can't say I'm very hyped about it nowadays, but I still… Continue reading NIGHTSHADE / HYAKKA HYAKUROU