Not ‘alternative couples’, because I don’t really see all of them in a romantic way….some I do, of course. But for others it’s just a platonic kind of ‘love’ or simply  a feeling of “I wish there had been more interactions/more input about them”.

Shin/Sawa, Toma/Sawa (?)

This would be the romantic kind of alternative relationship. I really really like Sawa and in Shin’s route it was hinted that she might have feelings for him (she affectionately calls him ‘Shin-chan’, too….it’s cute ////) which was kind of the trigger for me to think about ‘what if they became an item in one of all those parallel worlds?’. Of course, there is no room for Sawa to meddle in the World of Hearts, but Shin is a free man in the other worlds and…well…..:3c

Not sure about Toma/Sawa, but….I guess it wouldn’t be that bad for Toma to let go of his obsessive feelings and his “NEED TO BE A GOOD BIG BROTHER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE” persona and find happiness with someone else. But it’s more of a general thought and less of “I actually want to see these two together”.

Waka(Kent rout ver.)/Mine

This would also be the romantic kind of relationship. I couldn’t stop thinking about those two ever since Mine’s confession in Kent’s route. Mine is a difficult one, because while she is cute and I came to like her over time, my initial impression was ‘ugh, annoying’ because of Ikki’s route. And this feeling never left me. When Mine declared herself to be the heroine’s rival in love, I thought I’d be back to disliking her. I was genuinely surprised by the fact that the love rival thing ended up being a misunderstanding! Kent route-Waka and Mine are such opposites that I can’t help but wonder what their relationship would be like. I really really want to know!!


ONESHOTA ROUTE! A setting based on Ukyou’s good ending, where human Orion falls in love with the heroine and visits her at work whenever possible…hahhh cute! I’m not sure what would have to happen for Ukyou to make way, but the thought of Orion having a cute puppy crush is enough to make me crave a route like this.


I’m curious about them, as Orion seems very dedicated and proud of his master. How would they interact? Also, what about their human forms! How do they live? What is their connection/relationship? Personally I’d like them to be brothers….

Orion/literally everyone

I just want Orion to interact with the whole cast….like, REALLY interact. He’s talking all the time, but they can’t hear him and, with the exception of Kent, they never really find out about his existence or attempt to communicate with him and it’s just SO SAD. I love Orion a lot and I want the whole cast to get to know him and see what a wonderful person (or…well, spirit) he is!! Also: imagine Sawa’s and Mine’s reaction if they could see what a cutie Orion is….I bet the girls would pamper him all day, I just asddasjd aaahh Orion! /////


Not that this wouldn’t work as a BL plot (it totally would), but….I’m not really interested, I guess? BUT: if it was about their relationship as friends I’m all for it!!! Ikki’s relationship with Kent is what I like best about Ikki; I guess it’s because all the fangirl shit fades out and Ikki can be just himself around Kent. Their silly math battles are refreshing and fun. Plus, it’s nice to have someone treat Ikki like a normal human being instead of some sex god or love deity or idk. I’m sure that I could come to like Ikki a lot more if I was shown more of his and Kent’s friendship rather than the bitch fanclub.


Their constant bickering is kind of cute, I can see myself liking this one even the romantic kinda way :3c….but again, I’m more interested in their (childhood) friendship rather than any possible romantic fujoshi delusions. Toma and Shin are very different types, yet driven by similar (if not the same) motivations.

I really love how Toma can’t abandon Shin, even though the heroine is supposedly his top priority. In his own route, Toma pretends that no one else matters, but ultimately takes it back by admitting that he also wants Shin to be safe and happy. In Shin’s route, Toma’s jealousy leads to him doing horrible things, but at the same time he deeply regrets hurting his precious friend(s). This back and forth of emotions is what made me like Toma in the first place.

It’s the same for Shin. While he is pissed at Toma for hiding behind the ‘big brother’ pretense instead of admitting his feelings, he also treasures him enough that he doesn’t want him harmed or arrested. Despite his suspicion, he still asks Toma for advice and reaches out to him again and again and I really found myself drawn to this depiction of their friendship (even though I’m aware of the fact that my interpretation is probably clouded by my love for childhood friendships). I wish there could have been more flashbacks and more input about them as kids….

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