A couple of character combinations that the game doesn’t actually offer, but that I would’ve liked to see…

Akito/Koharu & Akito/Mikoto
Akito is one of those characters I could see working out with any type of heroine, because he’s an angel (ღˇᴗˇ)。o♡ Plus he’s actually helping out both, Koharu and Mikoto, in a lot of scenes – mostly with advice on cooking, but adorably cute nontheless. I also really like him and Koharu color-wise (dark blue and pink is a cute combo, I’m not even sorry). All that made me wonder how things would’ve gone if his partner had been one of the other two girls…too bad we will never find out. ´w `

Itsuki/Koharu & Itsuki/Nanami
Itsuki is another character I could see working with anyone, given his type. I mean…y’know? He’s hitting on all the girls anyway, and since all of them are pure and innocent maidens when it comes to love matters (”W-What is this pain in my chest, I’ve never felt like this before…”), I don’t see why what worked for Mikoto wouldn’t work for Koharu and Nanami as well. Just imagine all the drama, with Itsuki longing for Mikoto and fooling around with other girls, while they fall for him, then slowly make him fall for them as well….generic shoujo manga plot, yes. But I’m trash anyway.

Kakeru/Nanami & Ron/Koharu
I’m not really sure about this, tbh, but Kakeru and Ron are kind of similar (though Kakeru is the manipulating type, while Ron’s more….physical? :3c ), so the thought of them switching girls wouldn’t let me go. I really wonder how those combinations would’ve played out….I guess I can picture Ron/Koharu more clearly than Kakeru/Nanami.

Ever since that scene of Senri and Nanami in Akito’s route, I kind of wish there was a timeline with Senri actually staying his “normal” self, instead of becoming all weird and hikkikomori due to his memory loss drama blah whatever. So then it could become something like Akito -> Nanami <- Senri……wahh/////

I thought those two were adorable right from the start! On the one hand Sorata feels like he has to take care of Koharu, because she’s so weird and helpless (in his eyes), on the other hand I AM SURE he’s also feeling helpless and lonely himself and, no matter how independent he may seem, a child is a child after all. With Sorata still being a minor it would p. much boil down to Sorata -> Koharu, but I imagine this to be a cute oneshota CP. Or what if there was a time skip 5 years into the future? Then I could see this actually going both ways and it’d be really really cute?! Wahhhh…

I know there is no point in imagining BL CPs in an otome game, but in this case I just couldn’t drop the thought, it was impossible.

My OTP and I’m not even kidding!!!! Bless Kakesen!!! I want a fandisc that’s just about Kakesen ichaicha and bullying and— oh god. The game ships them, too, and puts them together one way or another in every single route. Like, even if they aren’t paired up from the beginning there will be at least one scene of Kakeru pestering spending time with Senri somewhere in the route. Akito specifically ASKS Kakeru to take care of Senri (because he’s such a good big bro yada yada yada) and I want to hug and kiss him for this because THANK YOU AKITO! In Kakeru’s route Senri even moves in next door (okay more like, next village…) and runs to Kakeru for help, like, are you even real, I can’t…(/▽\*)。o○♡….they are practically screaming “SHIP US, PLEASE!” right into my face! I’m convinced those two are canon and their routes with Koharu are just camourflage. Hah.

No, but seriously I can scream about Kakesen all day. They are perfect. Just….someone please just make a BL route for them. LOL ; ; ; ; ; ;

Since both of their routes felt kind of lacking, I thought “why not have them make out with each other instead?” (//▽//) I mean they kind of hate each other, but feelings can change…! Plus: I have a thing for love-hate relationships….


  1. These are really interesting ships *w* Although Otomate has made it clear in their limited edition booklet that pairings other the canon nine won’t work, it’s still fun to think about more scenes that would happen if the pairings were shuffled XD I personally think Senri x Nanami and Akito x Koharu would work if Senri and Akito aren’t siblings.
    OH AND THE BL SHIPS. Count me in please! Other than what you listed, I like the idea of Natsuhiko x Masamune (//w\)


    1. Yeah, it’s just wishful thinking ;w ; I already knew from the start but it didn’t stop me from imagining what could have been! Especially on the BL side…I’m still thinking about Kakesen every now and then /coughcough

      Natsuhiko and Masamune…hmm I never thought about this possibility, but now that you mention it…yeah, I can definitely see the appeal!!!


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