When I found out about the game offering three heroines I kind of expected unique characters, just like it’s the case for the male cast. Unfortunately though, the girls actually were quite similar to one another and I didn’t really feel much of change when playing the game as a different heroine. While all three girls do act kind of different on the outside (enough to be able to tell them apart), their core character and thought process throughout the routes is p. much the same and boils down to: “I hate myself/my power, I’m afraid to tell my real feelings, but I want to be of help”. That was kind of disappointing.

Koharu and Nanami both have a negative mindset when it comes to their power; they regard its very nature to be ‘bad’, so I can understand the similar thought process in their minds. Although on the other hand, the possibility of turning those powers into a strenght, into something positive, DOES exist and it’s brought up in e.g. Ron’s or Kakeru’s route. But it feels kinda rushed and unsatisfying…why not be more elaborate?! All that unused potential makes me sad /sigh/. It’s too bad that Mikoto goes down the same path, too. Her power actually being of the helpful sort (no matter how you see it, protective barriers don’t come off as harmful), there could have been so much more other than “let’s warp it so that it becomes a burden to her”. Again, this is brought up in e.g. Natsuhiko’s route, but even then Mikoto can’t actually feel good about it (which makes me wanna rip out my hair in frustration SERIOUSLY!!!).

I’m surprised that I ended up liking Mikoto the least, despite her design/character concept being the most appealing one (initially she reminded me of CZ’s Nadeshiko). I’m also surprised that I ended up liking Koharu AT ALL, since I usuall dislke naive/cutesy types.

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