Grand Finale

Some things actually surprised me and completely changed my feelings towards certain characters. Like, now I get where Caesar’s obsession with Fuka stems from and I WISH I COULD’VE FOUND OUT THE REASON IN HIS OWN FUCKING ROUTE FFS щ(ಥДಥщ)….

Another thing to note is that Hamelin’s p. much the most tragic character ever, I feel SO BAD for him. Dude did literally NOTHING WRONG, then was used to commit a crime he didn’t want to, got labeled a criminal and ultimately went gaga, because he can’t redeem himself anyway no matter WHAT he does. GOSH. It doesn’t really help that we never find out what actually happens to Hamelin in the Grand Finale. Like, does he return like everyone else? And if yes, do they still want to hunt him down and put him in prison? Will Hamelin ever be happy? Now that I think about it, Hamelin has so much potential to become one of my favorites, yet his route did absolutely nothing for me. Still, I want him to be happy! Dorothy wakes up, so there’s a happy ending even for Soh….it would be unfair if there was none for Hamelin! Ahhh I want to play the Vita version….

Speaking of Soh, the Grand Finale made me feel so conflicted about him. I love him and at the same time I hate him so much, it’s super complicated. His route is still sad, but now it’s gotten this creepy touch….who even came up with the idea of combining Toto and the tower into one (shota) being, I mean…THIS IS MESSED UP, MAN!


It’s too bad that there’s no way of spending more time with the siblings, as I really liked both of them. I would have loved a romance option for Hansel (I loooooove his design tbh) and a friendship route for Gretel…especially the latter, since Gretel is a lot of fun and I would love to see her getting pissed at how dense Fuka is, heh. :3c


It’s Scarlet’s fault for calling Hamelin an important person. Or maybe it’s the fact that Hamelin brought him along to the brothel (why would you do this to a child, why??? Even though he never actually let him enter, but still…..). I would have loved to see more of what Hamelin was like before his life got screwed over by Soh’s meddling, especially in regards to Scarlet. He keeps praising the kid so much and Scarlet obviously is still attached to his (former) boss….ahhhhh they are cute! ; ;


Why am I even….it’s the bullying. Kyrie is bullying Caramia the most (aside from Fuka, that is), so I kind of….ended up….shipping it….a little. I’m no fan of Caramia, yet I don’t mind him at all when he’s with Kyrie! On the contrary I actually think he’s kinda cute. Kyrie, pls bully Caramia more!

Kyrie/Dorothy & Soh/Dorothy

They both love Dorothy a lot, but I wish I could relate to that feeling…! Unfortunately we don’t really get much info about Dorothy. Okay, in Soh’s case he’s half-Toto so I kind of understand his attachment, but what about Kyrie? Did the scarecrow love Dorothy in the original tale of the Wizard of Oz?


They were bros before Soh made Hamelin kill Robin’s wife. Now Robin hates Hamelin since he doesn’t know about Soh. I don’t think they can ever go back to being friends like they used to even if Robin knew, but I would’ve loved to see what they were like back then.


Actually a bit sad that this couple p. much only existed in Pashet’s route. Like, you could have at least dropped hints of Pashet’s feelings here and there in other routes, it wouldn’t have been that hard. It happened for Manboy and even fucking Dorian Gray (omfg), why not for Pashet? Sigh….


I got curious about him in the Oscar Wilde route, since he’s the most likable one out of the three whores. It#s too bad that he didn’t get his own route instead! Like, I’m curious how he ended up as Dorian Gray’s manservant in the first place? What did he do before that? Apparently he fell in love with Fuka at first sight, which is kinda cute and innocent and if you consider his social standing….the gap is killing me! I wish I could set him free…

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