Game Notes · PSP


The game setting reminded me a lot of Fushigi Yuugi. BUT I actually like that kind of setting!! Rensenki ended up being different from what I thought, but I came to love the game and its story and characters. It’s great to be able to choose from such a big cast, although I do feel like some romance plots were…less convincing/less well written that others. Regardless though, all routes have their good points and even the less enjoyable ones weren’t really bad or anything, at least IMO. Another thing to enjoy is the high quality. Seriously, everythng in this game is just SO PRETTY. The background art, the BGM, the character designs AND THEIR CLOTHES!!!!! I’m so in love with the clothes, you can’t even imagine…

Since it was my first time playing in JP from beginning till end my lack of knowledge made quizzes, battle tactics and historical references impossible to understand, so I more or less skipped those parts and went by good old auto-save trial&error to find the right choices. I’m planning to replay the game one day and pay attention to the strategic parts of the story, too. As for the play order: technically I ‘played’ Moutoku first, because n0rs baited me with a complete translation of his route in order to have someone to talk to (and also to get me to play the game)…which is also why I know the most about Moutoku, LOL. I (re-)played his route myself only later on. It somehow happened that Koumei was left for last and tbh I’m so glad!!. I’m p. sure that I wouldn’t have finished the game if I had played him prior to finishing all other routes, because OMG I LOVE KOUMEI!!!


(Moutoku ->) Gentoku -> Unchou -> Yokutoku -> Shiryuu -> Bunjaku -> Moutoku -> Chuubou -> Koukin -> Souan -> (no lovers end ->) Koumei


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