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The main reason why I was so interested in Nameless is that I had high hopes for it to become what I wanted Dandelion to be (same developer). There’s no stat raising whatsoever (bless), it’s a typical VN style otome game. I really liked the writing in Dandelion, so with that in mind I expected Nameless to please me even more. The “new” art style is more to my liking, too. Unfortunately, though, I was wrong about Nameless actually being the better game.

My main problem is the writing, I guess. They tried to make a similar kind of story to Dandelion, with all the routes slowly building up and revealing the overall plot. They even reused some BGM, and characters like the wizard (although he didn’t play such a big role this time around). But the overall plot was…ugh. I didn’t like the characters much, either – main characters as well as supporting ones. They look amazing (the sprites do; as for the CGs there are good ones and less good ones…), but most of their personalities don’t really work for me. Or maybe it’s the overall plot that’s not letting me enjoy things? I mean, there’s (needless) drama everywhere – although I was already prepared for that to be the case – and literally no happy end for most of the romances…hmm .┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌


Yeonho -> Lance -> Yuri -> Tei -> Red (-> epilogue)


♡ = favorite character


  • student and doll collector
  • her parents are busy scientists who’re working overseas so she’s been living with her grandfather (until his death not too long ago)
  • kind of a tomboy, also a lonely person
  • keeps a diary

CV: Jeon Taeyeol


  • Eri’s first toy, a teddy bear that she got from her grandpa when she was a kid
  • he got forgotten and thus felt betrayed, so he made a wish to the wizard and became the ‘bad guy’ responsible for Eri’s vanishing/memory loss in the other routes
  • wouldn’t have gotten the second narration without a guide, no kidding
  • I was sure that I wouldn’t like him, but the epilogue kinda changed my mind
  • his narration touched my heart, poor teddy….;_; I felt kind of guilty afterwards so I went and hugged all of my plushies LOL
  • tbh that last CG of him hugging Eri is precious

(in play order)

Yeonho   ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Nam Dohyeong


  • a shota doll who is kind of cute – except for when he’s yandere
  • major trust issues
  • was abandoned by his previous owner so he wants to be a good boy at all times in order to receive love
  • starting with this route was a mistake, because Yeonho annoyed the crapp outta me most of the time, honestly…
  • how and why does Eri fall in love? I don’t get it
  • mfw actual sadist Eri bad end

Lance(♡)   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
CV: Jung Jaeheon


  • supposedly the most popular&generic doll model
  • because he was designed to appeal to the masses, he has low self-esteem and is jealous of Red’s status as a ‘special’ edition
  • played him second in order to keep myself from dropping the game
  • I wanted him to be tsundere, but he turned out being super kuudere
  • but anyway HE IS SO SO SO SOOOOO CUTE ksfasdhgahs
  • awkward&cute Lance as well as cool&sexy Lance, I love them both! I love Lance!!!
  • I’m so fucking mad at the game for not providing any CGs of Lance taking Eri’s place as the princess during the stage play…..I WANTED TO SEE THE KISS SCENE WITH HIM AND RED LANCE IN A PRINCESS DRESS!!!
  • not only were there no CGs for the stage play, but they just skipped the whole thing altogether…WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!??!

Yuri   ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Lee Donghoon


  • adult line doll and a playboy
  • he was designed to “satisfy any woman’s needs”…heh :^D
  • initially liked his looks but he rubbed me the wrong way when playing…his route wasn’t as bad as expected though, it even got me to like him a little better
  • Yuri not knowing how to ‘love seriously’ and running away from his feelings because of that was actually kinda cute
  • I didn’t like how he was showering Eri with presents. Also they never really explained where Yuri gets all that money from, I mean…??
  • mfw threesome bad end w/ Tei

Tei   ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Hong Beomgi


  • super special limited edition doll
  • his previous owner was a psycho so he’s mentally (and physically) damaged
  • isn’t honest about himself and his…uhm….desires….:3c
  • I thought he’d be the perfect big brother type but he’s actually abusive and a super yandere/sadist in literally every bad route (and also in the good route lol)
  • surprisingly enough I didn’t like him :’D
  • mfw controlling Tei & doll!Eri bad end

Red   ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Park Seongtae


  • even more special limited edition doll, there’s literally only one Red
  • kinda annoying type of character, I was actually pissed that I had to play him last because I knew that I wouldn’t like him very much
  • him realizing his feelings for the first time was cute
  • the bad ends were so weird and forced, it felt like they were there just to have bad ends even though they didn’t really make sense at all
  • kind of the main guy I guess?
  • he maintains his status as ‘special hero’ even outside of his own route, all throughout the epilogue

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