Ugh, okay…I really wanted to like this game. I did. But it was the most painful experience as of lately, I feel so sad and betrayed and stupid for having expectations, because of good reviews and pretty art. I think if I had set my expectations lower, then I would’ve been able to enjoy the game far more than I actually did.

First of all, I had the impression that there was waaaaay too much narration!! I felt the need to skip stuff SO OFTEN because Eri and her friends would go on and on and on about how hot the HOT5 are and how they’d get Tei to notice Soi and random school blargh that nobody really cares about…honestly, I was bored out of my mind half of the time. Other than providing some comedic relief here and there the supporting characters (and there were quite a lot of them, actually) didn’t really do much and most of their dialogue and interactions felt forced and awkward. Same goes for…literally anything else. The writing was on fanservice anime level, the humor as well…that doesn’t have to be bad if you’re doing it the smart way, but Nameless didn’t do it the smart way. ( ̄  ̄|||) You could probably cut out half of the dialogue in every route, because it adds NOTHING to the actual story.

My BIGGEST complaint though: the ending(s) – or rather the connecting points of the routes. I am SO MAD!!! Who thought this would be a good idea? Like, I get that they were trying to go for another Dandelion type of story, but in that case they should have kept it that way until the end and not have all the different dimensions come together all of a sudden. Dandelion worked, BECAUSE all characters were able to find happiness (or at least get the chance to) thanks to parallel worlds and different timelines. But in Nameless they decided to scramble it all together, for god knows what reason. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK MAN??!( ಠ ಠ ) Eri falls in love with one of her dolls and then disappears during their cute lovey-dovey Christmas date in each route (representing a different dimension). But then in the epilogue everyone comes together in the same dimension? Really? Each of them is supposedly in love with Eri and…they should be expecting her to love them back, right? I mean, this is what one would assume, right? But for some reason they don’t?! Or, well, IDEK because the game just throws this at us and then it ends after Red&friends find her and ??? in that dark room for abandoned toys. So what is this supposed to tell me? It looks as if Red is the only relationship that matters. I mean, everyone comes together for Red to use his power and find/save Eri and…that’s p. much it. What about the other couples? Do they just….disappear? Like they never even happened? Don’t the other characters matter at all? They seem so unimportant after this. I really don’t get it…

And how shitty is it for ??? too! I mean, dude explains to Eri how she forgot him and whatnot, Eri even attempts to apologize and then suddenly Red appears to sweep her off her feet and towards freedom and safety and they just….ditch ???, because LOL why not. I’m thankful for the second part of the epilogue showing how in the end Eri actually managed to remember ???’s name and get him out of the dark room. Because if she hadn’t…wow, I don’t even know. I honestly didn’t expect to care about ??? at all, given how I didn’t really like him throughout any route, nor in the first part of the epilogue and neither did I like any of the other problematic characters in this game. Thanks to the second part of the epilogue, though, I came to care about ??? quite a lot. Too bad he only got a short narration. Then again, his route probably would have ended with nothing at all, just like all the other routes (°ㅂ° ╬)…so maybe he doesn’t need a longer narration after all.

Uggghh, the whole dimension ‘merging’ didn’t sit well with me at all. I wasn’t given proper closure for any romance except for maybe Red’s. ??? only got very little chance for anything, because he only had the epilogue. But I don’t really mind much in his case as I didn’t have to play through a whole route, getting attached to him only to be left hanging in the end. The other guys, though? Their stories just…end with a confession at the amusement park and their girlfriend disappearing. Yeah. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ I guess my salt level is particularly high since I don’t even like Red very much and unfortunately he ends up getting the main spot. LANCE IS MY TRUE HERO!!! Why can’t he have a happy end, too? Best boy deserves better than this. Gosh, I’m so done…

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