Yeah… I need to get everything out of my system, this is SO overdue!!

So the first thing I wanna mention isn’t something related to Mystic Messenger ONLY, but more of a general thing that I really hate about mobile games: getting a route’s different endings. I love seeing every possible outcome and I also love completing CG galleries and stuff like that so I usually play routes multiple times in order to explore every possibility. It’s np for console games. Easy peasy. No worries. I can go back and forth as much as I want. But I CAN’T BE BOTHERED FOR MOBILE GAMES. I’ve tried doing it for some Mysmsg routes, using multiple saves and whatnot, but it’s still soooooo tedious. Of course I could choose to spend even more money on HG to make things a little easier, but that’d be expensive and still a hassle compared to console games so…lol nope. That also means I will have to live with my incomplete gallery (I’m gonna regret this one day)…(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



So yeah, Rika. This character bothers me so much. She played such a big role, but was handled so poorly IMO I don’t even…(°ㅂ° ╬) She’s done a lot of shit, causing problems and trouble for everyone, but in the end it’s all excused because “it’s not her fault, she had mental problems and anxiety and whatnot, SHE’S ACTUALLY A GOOD AND CARING PERSON AND WANTS TO HELP PEOPLE”. Please. Worst thing is: there’s barely any consequences for her, since V decides to sacrifice himself, like the good boyfriend that he is. And for some reason her involvement in the whole fiasco gets covered up, too ( ಠ ಠ ) because V’s sacrifice shouldn’t be for nothing, blah. Just thinking about it fills me with negativity. I know it’s silly, but… ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

It’s not like V’s any better though. I mean, dude, what even…ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) I’m all for devoted boyfriends, but there’s a limit to everything, right?! Did he miss all the signs? How could he not have seen that her mental state was getting worse with time ( ̄∀ ̄)???? I also can’t forgive the lies and betrayal of trust of so many people he claims are like a family to him. I do feel sorry that he ends up taking the blame all alone, but…yeah. It’s what he wanted anyway. Idek.

Despite all the negativity I feel towards V, I still DO want a route for him – only to see Rika’s face when he declares his love for MC. Bitch!

BL ships

I actually like a lot of BL ships, how did this happen??? I guess it might be due to MC’s lack of character? I’m usually not the type of person who self-inserts while playing; I feel more like a spectator (although I will admit that I wanted to be MC in Seven’s route….I really did. Sevennnn /////// ). There were many times when I felt frustrated with the options I was given/had to pick. It’s easier to imagine the relationships the other characters could form among each other instead…heh.

Juminzen is my OTP. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) They were basically the biggest source of entertainment (until I got to play Seven’s route). It was love at first chat, I think I fell for their charm on day 1…or was it day 2? Idk it happened so fast….I was doodling Juminzen fanart before I even got into a route. I still don’t know why Zen ended up with MC, because IMO there was so much more going on between him and Jumin. They even had a date in the woods, I mean come on…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Other than that, I also enjoy seeing Seven and Yoosung together; they are cute. A cute ship. Cute + cute = cute²! Plus: Yoosung teasing!!! Though when it comes to teasing, maybe Saeran would do a better job? The twins and Yoosung…yeah, I think I’d like that. Speaking of Saeran, I want him and Vanderwood to interact more. I want more screen time for them in general, but I also wanna see them together more. They could join forces in bullying Seven….(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Oh darn, why did they have to raise Vanderwood’s cuteness in the secrets?! Now I’m craving to see more but will never get any (probably)…. ( ;  ; )

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