Android · Game Notes


W-What an unexpected but lovely surprise!!! Saving up all those HG really payed off in the end. The translation seemed less smooth than that of the main game, but since it’s just fanservice plot anyway I was okay with it. Cheritz even gave us the “Does Jumin Han is Gay?” line in one CG…so nice. Feels like they actually care about what’s going on in the fandom, heh.

There’s supposedly 8 different endings, yet I only managed to get 7 – that is if the ‘miss every single chat’ end counts as an end. I’m still not quite sure how to unlock the last one? A friend on Twitter told me that there was some kinda bug, which supposedly got fixed by now so I should probably try again. But seeing as the story isn’t of much relevance to canonverse my motivation’s rather low (also because I kinda expect it to be about V and tbh I really couldn’t care less about him atm). All in all, I guess there’s ony one tiny little thing that bugged me: WHY WAS THERE SO MUCH RIKA, FFS!!? щ(ಥДಥщ)


  • Jaehee
    She’s still working herself to death. Girl, will there ever be a story in which you don’t stress out yourself 24/7? But hey, it was surprisingly cute and she even got a kiss (on the cheek) CG! I guess it’s a nice treat for Jaehee fans at least…
  • Seven
    Let me hug you and love you forever!!! I don’t mind spending Christmas in outer space if that means I get to be with Seven! (˘⌣˘ ) ♡ Got into his route three times and I wasn’t even trying, it’s true love I’m telling ya! He was emo p. much the whole time, because Christmas sucks and Santa’s a dick. Considering the twins’ backstory I can see why he’s thinking that way…and honestly, it broke my heart. When he wished for his ‘other self’ to be happy I just(iДi). . .
  • Zen
    Why is it that Zen always seems desperate and horny when it comes to romance with MC? I mean he’s talking about spending a lovely Christmas with his special someone and all that, but honestly…he fucking drags MC away as soon as he arrives at the party. If I didn’t know any better (it’s not R18 after all :3c), I’d assume he jumps her the moment they’re outta sight. Dude…just get Jumin to &%#$ you already ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yoosung
    He’s similar to Zen (dreaming of spending a romantic Christmas with his gf bla), but he seems…less desperate about it lol. I really liked Yoosung in the main game after he was able to shake off Rika’s ghost (basically the last two days), but DLC brought us back to square one so every third sentence had Rika’s name in it and I just ( ಠ ಠ )…wHY. Hardworking Yoosung’s cute tho…
  • Jumin
    I expected there to be tons of Elizabeth 3rd, but instead I got…V! In Jumin’s case I don’t mind, since I want to know more about their friendship. Surprisingly enough, Jumin turned out to be the most relatable character in this DLC, getting angry at V for keeping secrets from everyone and telling him off. I was like YES!!! FINALLY SOMEBODY SAYS IT!!! GO JUMIN!!! I mean in the end they made up and nothing really changed, but it still felt good to have someone get angry at all that shit. Jumin a best. ❤
  • Unknown
    (´◉◞౪◟◉)?????? Was this supposed to be a bad end? It probably was since Saeran and Saeyoung never meet and MC gets dragged to ~paradise~ blah blah, but…ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ Unknown made MC his (heh), wrapped a cute ribbon around her neck and…hhhhoooly—!! My tiny hands can’t hold all these kinky headcanons…

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