Blood Code (Steam)

  • Chinese otome game w/ cute art
  • English release
  • 4 character routes (+ no romance end)


(no romance) -> Leo -> Christ -> Jesse -> Locke


I bought the game out of curiosity (never tried a Chinese game before) during one of Steam’s many sales. My main reason for picking this one was the cute art and that’s exactly what I liked best about it till the very end. Sadly I couldn’t get used to the Chinese voice acting and it didn’t help that recording quality for some characters was worse than for others. Though my biggest issue was the writing and/or translation. While the plot offered some interesting aspects which could have been utilized to tell a good story (probably), it fails to do that for the most part. Additionally, the pacing was really weird at times and some of the events were hard to follow, with stuff seemingly happening out of nowhere. It felt bland and boring to read, too, and I guess the very literal translation is to blame for that.

I really  h a t e  stat-raising systems. I knew I had to suffer through it if I wanted to play this game, but that doesn’t keep me from complaining, hah! It took me a while to understand how exactly it works, too. In the beginning I played at random in order to get used to scheduling MC’s school life. I got a no-romance end, which was fine. But after that I failed another two times. First time I guess I must have picked the wrong answers, because my guy suddenly started ignoring me out of nowhere. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌  The second time I really had no clue what I did wrong, because I focused on raising all necessary stats only to end up with a bad end anyway. Apparently affection/elemental affinity doesn’t only have to be in the right zone, it HAS to be over 9000 700-something in order to get a happy ending…mfw I had to redo everything from scratch because all my saves were useless.

All in all it wasn’t THAT bad…I mean I’ve paid more to play far worse (*cough*Otouto Scramble*cough*). Unfortunately it wasn’t THAT good either, so I’m glad I got it during a sale.


♡ = favorite character


  • not sure if she’s boring, weird, crazy or everything at the same time…
  • wants to become an Oracle of Light one day
  • at times her avatar’s expression didn’t fit the mood/emotion I’d expect her to have at that particular time
  • her only redeeming feature is that she does have a clear goal throughout the game (regardless of the romance): finding out the truth about her father’s death

Hank a.k.a. Crain
CV: ??

  • took notes on him because his character sprite is super cute ❤
  • I thought he’s just some random, unimportant kid that Leia is looking after at the Church, but then Christ’s route revealed him as a powerful pure-blood vampire shota
  • why is there no route for him?? No seriously, this game could need a shota route!

(in play order)

Leo  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Xiao Feng


  • Leia’s teacher for light magic and the school doctor, also ughhh I don’t like this type of character…
  • his route was just talk about dessert and magic potions
  • not sure why he starts flirting with Leia in the middle of class right from the start, but…yeah
  • mfw he died on me in my first playthrough and I flipped 10 tables before realizing that I must have triggered his bad end LOL

Christ  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Lan Ling


  • half human/vampire with the most unfortunate naming ever (Christ Bruch smh)
  • he’s edgy so he bandages his wounds instead of healing them w/ magic
  • I guess he’s kinda cute
  • sad end showed that he doesn’t age like Leia does, so I’m having trouble feeling happy for their marriage in the good end. I mean technically Leia could still have chosen to become a vampire later on, but hmm… (・3・);;

Jesse  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
CV: Zi Xi


  • some of his CGs look like they weren’t quite finished yet
  • kuudere vampire hiding in the school’s basement, angsting and pretending that he’s tough, but actually he’s just a siscon softie who likes sweets  ( „• ω •„ )♡
  • probably the most considerate and caring of them all
  • for some reason every female NPC in the game is his big or little sister (!!?)
  • Leia’s dad was very much alive in Jesse’s good end, but he kept himself hidden. Why? How come this isn’t talked about anywhere else? Why even mention it then?

Locke(♡)  ★ ★ ★ ★
CV: Xiao Yi Ran


  • another great example for worst boy being best boy
  • powerful pure-blood vampire, senpai and student council
  • you can tell that his bullying of Leia is just teasing if you compare it to the way he rips apart all the other people who dare to piss him off :3c
  • at first I thought he’d be yandere, but as it turns out he’s just a sadist (bless ^q ^)
  • the only character with three different endings (I think?)
  • he’s the worst all year long, but ends up becoming the most loving husband
  • mfw some light magic teacher tried to kill Leia out of jealousy (╹◡╹)??

Mysmsg Valentine’s Day DLC

  • 5 Valentine’s Day specials at 20HG each
  • set after the after end stories so they’re CANON
  • C A N O N ! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


OMG new canon stories, tysm Cheritz!! Originally I planned to take it slow with this DLC but after hearing that they continue the story of the after ends I marathoned through all of them on the very same day lol.

I was a little sad about the fact that there was no Unknown special. Which isn’t all that surprising really, after all there is no Unknown route to tie in with, either. Still…I wish there was! I guess the fact that there is two different versions of Seven’s end makes up for it a little, though. :3c

Character Notes

  • Jaehee
    This time she gets to have a sweet moment in a canon story! Happy for you, Jaehee! Though it seems as if her happiness is Yoosung’s demise, because now he has to run around in order to fulfil Jumin’s hilarious demands. Poor him. ´w ` On another note: reading the special made me wanna bake/eat cake…
  • Jumin
    On the one hand I like how Jumin went from yandere cat-lover to the sweetest doting husband ever. He was the last one I’d expect to get domestic fluff from. On the other hand I also wish he’d stop shoving his credit cards up my face. Like, I get that he wants to buy ALL THE THINGS for MC because he loves her sooooo much, but
  • Zen
    Horny as always, I’m not even surprised anymore lol. Zen’s too lewd. I’d like to think that the CG of Zen holding only MC’s hand was on purpose. Like, if you look at only that CG it could be anyone’s hand, right? It could be Jumin’s hand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)….
  • Yoosung
    I’m so proud of Yoosung, you don’t even know!! This boy has grown so much! ❤ The premise of his special (reconstructing their very first date) was really fun and I enjoyed it. He even went as far as to speak in his high-pitched voice from ‘back then’ and I realized for the first time how different it sounds from his normal, more mature voice. Also: I wish I could forget all about the dog CG….
  • Seven
    He is so cute and sweet and precious! Such a creative way of presenting chocolate! I lost it at the Seven doll. Those need to become a real thing, I would like to buy seven (pun intended)! When I found out that there is a bitter and a sweet end I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but it was….amazing! Bitter end Seven reminded me a little of Unknown. I wonder if that was an intended reference or if it just happened to turn out that way…:3c

Juuza Engi (PSP)

  • game that I wanted to try because OMG CAT BOYS!!
  • 6 character routes
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms fantasy AU


Chouhi -> Chouryou -> Ryuubi (-> Bachou special) -> Kakouton (-> Kakouen special) -> Chouun (-> Enshou special) -> Sousou


At first I only wanted to try the game because Sangokushi with cat boys sounded like a hilariously trashy concept (and also, I love cat boys!). Turns out, it’s p. entertaining and actually quite good! Such a twist! At some points it felt like playing an adventure RPG instead of  a (visual) novel. Constructing a three-dimensional feeling by using front & back view of characters and resizing/moving stills to this extent isn’t something I’ve come across that often in otome games. When it comes to the other gameplay elements I’d say it was…interesting. Having stuff like “action” and “timing” did help with the adventurous feeling, but it was used so little that I had to wonder if it really was necessary to have it at all? This goes especially for the timing events, which happened like maybe once a route? By the time I got one, I had already forgotten what button I pressed the last time, resulting in my failure to get the timing right and thus…in death (and it happened more than once…”orz).

For some reason, a couple of common scenes throughout multiple routes were counted as ‘new’ from chapter 5 onwards and thus weren’t skipable with ‘skip read’. And so I had no other choice but to watch the fights and negotiations again. And. Again. Ugh. Aside from that the game’s narration was p. solid (for an otome game, that is). What I personally enjoyed the most about it is how a lot of routes didn’t turn out the way I expected them to. It was a big (and in most cases welcome) surprise to play going “Oh well, from what I’ve seen so far this character’s probably gonna be like this”, only to watch their story unfold in a different direction. The characters & voice cast were amazingly good and the art is very pretty, too. I really wish I could have enjoyed the heroine of the game as much as I enjoyed the male characters, because based solely on looks she’s one of my favorites.

A thing that bothered me was the huge number of NPCs and different fractions to side with throughout the story. I lost track more than once, especially in my first playthrough. To be honest, I still don’t remember everyone’s names and role and for some characters I wonder why they were there in the first place, because they didn’t feel all that necessary to me – at least not important enough to warrant them having their own character sprite and everything. I mean I get it, Sangokushi DOES have a lot of important characters, but did we really need all of them in this adaptation? Then again there’s a sequel and they might become important there…guess I will find out once I get to play it someday.


♡ = favorite character


  • half human, half cat
  • she has such a cute character design ( ´∀`)♡ but I had trouble connecting with her on an emotional level – many times she appeared to be just a narrator, not someone who is actively involved with the other characters
  • somehow her origins are never explained in any route other than Chouun’s…why?
  • I really wanted to like her more

CV: Sawashiro Miyuki

  • she’s super strong and everyone fears her; actually a nearly immortal sennyo
  • I love her even though she’s a pervert, crazy and hella scary
  • mfw the hearts in her eyes every time she sees Kan’u…
  • the voice acting is amazing! This character feels so alive!!
  • too bad there is no Ryofu route, tbh I’d like to read one (I can’t believe I’m saying this lol)

CV: Sugita Tomokazu


  • I didn’t expect a bonus story like this to have its own CG (a kiss even!) and wow it’s looking good, too! Nice!
  • his nonstop flirting was very entertaining….sasuga Sugita
  • it’s actually kind of sad that he didn’t get a real route. Then again I’m wondering: why was he part of the game again? I mean he’s cute but like…why was he important enough to get a special even though we see him like once in the whole game?

CV: Namikawa Daisuke


  • before knowing about this special’s existence I was salty about Ton having a route instead of En since I personally preferred En
  • his relationship with Ton is precious & it hurt that they can’t both be happy in Ton’s route. Seeing them smiling and happily holding hands with Kan’u in another reality was really bittersweet and I loved it.
  • after realizing just how big Ton’s existence is inside of En, I got kinda annoyed at Kan’u getting between the two in Ton’s route. THIS IS SILLY, I KNOW “orz
  • there’s so so many ‘cute En’ moments, like: En fighting w/ a sword in order to be closer to Ton, even though he’s so much better at handling bows. Or En working super hard, so that he’d be able to stay at Sousou’s army together with Ton. Or En relying on Kan’u to wake up early in the mornings to do his practice (and also to get praised by Ton lol)
  • seeing En slowly changing his attitude towards Kan’u REALLY made me wish for an actual route to explore that kinda development better/further…En deserves his own route, he really does ;_;
  • not sure how to interpret the special. but I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT HE GOT HIS WELL-DESERVED HAPPY END IN ANOTHER REALITY/TIMELINE 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke


  • I’m so conflicted when it comes to this special, because on the one hand I enjoyed the darker tone a lot, but on the other hand I really hate Enshou very passionately…
  • but I love Hirarin for doing such amazing vocal acting!!! It gave me the chills (and I mean that in a good and in a bad way) and seriously HE’S JUST SO GOOD GDI!!!
  • I guess my inner S had fun watching Enshou twisting Kan’u into believing the shit he was feeding her; I really like developments like that

(in play order)

Chouhi   ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko


  • osananajimi; he’s a cat but he seems more like a puppy IDEK
  • I came to like Chouhi even though I’m usually not that much into this type of character. Must be Nobu’s charm!
  • basically “OMG let me slap you, you idiot” vs. “WHY IS HE SO CUTE I CAN’T”
  • Chouhi devoting his life to Kan’u over some children’s promise that only he cared to remember kinda makes me feel bad for him – especially in all the other routes, because in those Kan’u never regains her memories of their promise
  • Kan’u is his number one priority at all times, he cares for her so so much…adorable!

Chouryou(♡)   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
CV: Yusa Kouji


  • played him early on to get him out of the way asap, but ended up falling for him instead, FML!!! This is the kind of ‘doll coming to life’ setting that I like!!!
  • I’m totally digging the concept of him learning to understand emotions through Kan’u; Chouryou’s steadily growing attachment to her is sooooo cute, especially since he’s completely clueless as to what is happening to him (and why) /////
  • watching him become a better person little by little warmed my heart. Chouryou’s development is precious. ❤
  • couldn’t stop laughing when he did his Chouhi imitation
  • bad end broke my heart!!!!
  • the fantasy elements were a little TOO much for me towards the end, because I didn’t really expect stuff like that to be part of the plot

Ryuubi   ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Ishida Akira


  • this route’s Kan’u is just wtf…(and I don’t even necessarily mean the bad end :3c)
  • listening to Ishida trying to sound like a 5-year-old was painful…the split personality ‘twist’ is an interesting idea, but I can’t help feeling that it was poorly executed; the pacing was weird and everything happened just way too late
  • child Ryuubi is cute, but I can’t see him as anything more than a little brother for Kan’u. Her saying she’s loved him all this time just weirds me out.
  • I wish there had been more opportunities to see (and talk to) the real Ryuubi. Him reverting to his childlike self in the end (not referring to appearance but to mental state) was super disappointing! I know there’s a sequel game, but ugh…
  • why did Seihei have to die? ;_____;
  • I wonder if Ryofu was the sennyo that helped Ryuubi’s ancestor in defeating the youkai, or if she just knows about this story for whatever reason…?
  • seeing older Ryuubi for the first time like: what’s Tomoe doing in muh geemu? Also, how come his hair grew when he aged up? And why did it revert back when he shrank? So many questions..:3c

Kakouton   ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa


  • tbh I was kinda afraid I wouldn’t like him, because of his non-stop yelling (which got on my nerves big time), but thankfully he really was just a cute tsundere boy ♡ (˘▽˘)
  • clueless and innocent Ton is very cute
  • Idk how to feel about getting ‘spoiled’ about his eye through the chapter cover art. I got to see it in ch. 5, even though it only happens like two chapters later…why!? (gotta admit that he looks a lot better with the eye patch though)
  • Ton has this bad habit of mumbling when he isn’t yelling (xD), but I didn’t really mind because Tattsun’s low voice did things to my heart
  • Idk why I enjoy his banter with Chouhi so much, but I do…(I ship it)
  • ‘last boss’ Enshou…seriously?! The confrontation with Kakouen was this route’s highlight. Why not end it at that instead?
  • KAKOUEN!!!!!!!!!!! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Chouun   ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Suzumura Kenichi


  • _(┐「ε:)_ イケメンすぎるマジでやばい
  • he was constantly hitting on Kan’u in such a nonchalant way without even realizing it, I thought I was gonna die!!!
  • I love him when he’s acting true to his feelings; too bad he suddenly starts hiding them after finding out about Kousonsan’s relation to Kan’u (and it happens at such a horrible timing too…like, RIGHT when he’s about to confess and stuff smh)
  • I don’t like how old-fashioned he is when it comes to social status and gender roles
  • on the other hand I like how dependable and gentlemanly he is and how he always treats not just Kan’u but ALL maos with kindness and respect. He’s like a big brother! They should adopt him into the mao clan!

Sousou(♡)   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
CV: Toriumi Kousuke


  • my fucking heart!!!!!
  • keeping him for last turned out to be a great idea after all
  • bless Torisan’s vocal performance! So good!
  • I wasn’t interested in this guy when I started out, but my curiosity grew the more routes I played, it almost turned into an obsession (how very fitting lol)
  • the bad end was seriously the scariest and most disturbing thing in the entire game…
  • all this time I was joking about the lack of ears in his character art; mfw he’s actually half kitty and cut off his ears ‘___’….W T F  d u d e
  • loved the relationship dynamics and darker tone of this route. Also, Sousou going from the prideful person that he is to someone who’s practically BEGGING Kan’u to look at (only) him got me real good ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ
  • I like Kan’u’s short haircut (even though the events that lead to it are quite sad and painful)
  • so…about the good end…Kakouton chasing Chouhi all around the place. I’m just gonna leave it at that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My Forged Wedding ~Party~

  • mobile (social) otome game
  • English release
  • research material
  • 6 playable characters (I think? Maybe more.)


I played this game quite a while back (a year ago to be more precise), but never cared to complete it…and I probably never will, so I figured I might as well upload my notes as they are. Back then I only picked it up for two reasons: a) I wanted to include a mobile otome game in the research for my BA thesis and b) I wanted it to be one of Voltage’s social games. Choosing by plot or art style is pointless, as (to me) they all look nearly identical. But this one seemed pretty popular based on Play Store ratings and reviews, so it was perfect for my purpose.

I wanted to play without spending any real money from beginning to end, so I used two different devices to at least get two of the six(?) guys done in a reasonable amount of time (one playthrough took me 20-something days). As for who to play, I went by who seemed most appealing. One of the two turned out to be incredibly boring story-wise, destroying any leftover motivation I might’ve had for playing more routes. The most frustrating part probably was the social features. Logging in daily to do those stupid cooking battles(??) in order to raise ‘wife points’ (ughhh!!!) and pass story checkpoints, on top of collecting ingame money and dressing up my avatar…and even then all I could get was the regular scenes, because the best possible outcome is only available for real money. My reward simply didn’t seem worth it. Granted, I might’ve had less trouble if I had used the p2w option, buuuut…I didn’t want to, lol. Research or not, this game format just isn’t something I can enjoy, which is why I never cared to touch the game again after my ‘work’ was done. I really wish more mobile otome game developers would try working on concepts that are similar to Mystic Messenger’s…


  • MC
    She’s an adult woman, going along with a fake marriage because she’s too scared to tell her parents that she got dumped by her fiance last minute, after moving to the big city in preparation for her marriage. Man, that guy’s a real dick, especially since he didn’t even have the courage to tell her directly (instead he sent a f*****g letter). It really makes you wonder why she fell in love with him in the first place. Luckily there were six other good-looking guys, who couldn’t wait to take advantage of the situation and play the role of her (fake) fiance. Yay! I really think none of this makes any sense whatsoever, but oh well. MC’s like any other mobile game MC, meaning she has no distinctive personality whatsoever and also no face in any of the CGs (that is if you manage to get any in your playthrough at all :3c). She’s also a typical Japanese wife candidate, paying attention to balanced nutrition, housework and…flower arrangements! Such waifu. Wow.
  • Saeki
    His character description said ‘sadist’ and that’s all I needed to know really. He’s my ‘best boy’…out of the 2 1/2 boys I’ve cared to check out. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ At first I was annoyed by his “Honey~” nickname for MC in like every friggin’ sentence. Later I got used to it and didn’t mind. I even thought it’s cute (lol). For a sadist he actually seemed p. tame. I mean okay, it’s an otome game so I can’t expect really crazy stuff or anything, but even then…there could’ve been a little bit more if you ask me. He certainly had a playboy aura around him, but that’s about it. Gotta say, I went ‘awwww~!’ when he started caring for the stray cat MC picked up one day, and also when he confessed his true and undying love for MC at the end. The rival (who wasn’t even a real rival) was p. annoying though. Gosh….
  • Ren
    He seemed so cute at the beginning, going shopping with MC and putting away the broccoli (because he hates broccoli! I feel you bro! ;_;), causing her to get mad at him. I constantly pictured him pouting. He was like a little kid, even though he’s in university. Cute. ❤ Unfortunately he turned out to be some European prince or something and so his route ended up as some shitty modern Cinderella story. His family didn’t approve of MC’s commoner status and the drama around him being a prince and having to marry someone appropriate was so annoying that I had to force myself to play for the last couple of chapters. The butler guy was an okay side character though. Very devoted. Very mom-like. Just what is it with me and my love for (megane) mom butlers…!?
  • Akito
    MC’s childhood friend. I didn’t make it past the second day, but still wrote down this guy’s name. He got added to the game around the time I was p. much done and for some reason he reminded me of Sakupyon (lmao IDK just don’t ask) so I HAD to at least start his route. DON’T JUDGE OKAY?? Osananajimi stories usually get to me, so maybe I missed out on something great here. We will never know.