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I played this game quite a while back (a year ago to be more precise), but never cared to complete it…and I probably never will, so I figured I might as well upload my notes as they are. Back then I only picked it up for two reasons: a) I wanted to include a mobile otome game in the research for my BA thesis and b) I wanted it to be one of Voltage’s social games. Choosing by plot or art style is pointless, as (to me) they all look nearly identical. But this one seemed pretty popular based on Play Store ratings and reviews, so it was perfect for my purpose.

I wanted to play without spending any real money from beginning to end, so I used two different devices to at least get two of the six(?) guys done in a reasonable amount of time (one playthrough took me 20-something days). As for who to play, I went by who seemed most appealing. One of the two turned out to be incredibly boring story-wise, destroying any leftover motivation I might’ve had for playing more routes. The most frustrating part probably was the social features. Logging in daily to do those stupid cooking battles(??) in order to raise ‘wife points’ (ughhh!!!) and pass story checkpoints, on top of collecting ingame money and dressing up my avatar…and even then all I could get was the regular scenes, because the best possible outcome is only available for real money. My reward simply didn’t seem worth it. Granted, I might’ve had less trouble if I had used the p2w option, buuuut…I didn’t want to, lol. Research or not, this game format just isn’t something I can enjoy, which is why I never cared to touch the game again after my ‘work’ was done. I really wish more mobile otome game developers would try working on concepts that are similar to Mystic Messenger’s…


  • MC
    She’s an adult woman, going along with a fake marriage because she’s too scared to tell her parents that she got dumped by her fiance last minute, after moving to the big city in preparation for her marriage. Man, that guy’s a real dick, especially since he didn’t even have the courage to tell her directly (instead he sent a f*****g letter). It really makes you wonder why she fell in love with him in the first place. Luckily there were six other good-looking guys, who couldn’t wait to take advantage of the situation and play the role of her (fake) fiance. Yay! I really think none of this makes any sense whatsoever, but oh well. MC’s like any other mobile game MC, meaning she has no distinctive personality whatsoever and also no face in any of the CGs (that is if you manage to get any in your playthrough at all :3c). She’s also a typical Japanese wife candidate, paying attention to balanced nutrition, housework and…flower arrangements! Such waifu. Wow.
  • Saeki
    His character description said ‘sadist’ and that’s all I needed to know really. He’s my ‘best boy’…out of the 2 1/2 boys I’ve cared to check out. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ At first I was annoyed by his “Honey~” nickname for MC in like every friggin’ sentence. Later I got used to it and didn’t mind. I even thought it’s cute (lol). For a sadist he actually seemed p. tame. I mean okay, it’s an otome game so I can’t expect really crazy stuff or anything, but even then…there could’ve been a little bit more if you ask me. He certainly had a playboy aura around him, but that’s about it. Gotta say, I went ‘awwww~!’ when he started caring for the stray cat MC picked up one day, and also when he confessed his true and undying love for MC at the end. The rival (who wasn’t even a real rival) was p. annoying though. Gosh….
  • Ren
    He seemed so cute at the beginning, going shopping with MC and putting away the broccoli (because he hates broccoli! I feel you bro! ;_;), causing her to get mad at him. I constantly pictured him pouting. He was like a little kid, even though he’s in university. Cute. ❤ Unfortunately he turned out to be some European prince or something and so his route ended up as some shitty modern Cinderella story. His family didn’t approve of MC’s commoner status and the drama around him being a prince and having to marry someone appropriate was so annoying that I had to force myself to play for the last couple of chapters. The butler guy was an okay side character though. Very devoted. Very mom-like. Just what is it with me and my love for (megane) mom butlers…!?
  • Akito
    MC’s childhood friend. I didn’t make it past the second day, but still wrote down this guy’s name. He got added to the game around the time I was p. much done and for some reason he reminded me of Sakupyon (lmao IDK just don’t ask) so I HAD to at least start his route. DON’T JUDGE OKAY?? Osananajimi stories usually get to me, so maybe I missed out on something great here. We will never know.

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