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OMG new canon stories, tysm Cheritz!! Originally I planned to take it slow with this DLC but after hearing that they continue the story of the after ends I marathoned through all of them on the very same day lol.

I was a little sad about the fact that there was no Unknown special. Which isn’t all that surprising really, after all there is no Unknown route to tie in with, either. Still…I wish there was! I guess the fact that there is two different versions of Seven’s end makes up for it a little, though. :3c


  • Jaehee
    This time she gets to have a sweet moment in a canon story! Happy for you, Jaehee! Though it seems as if her happiness is Yoosung’s demise, because now he has to run around in order to fulfil Jumin’s hilarious demands. Poor him. ´w ` On another note: reading the special made me wanna bake/eat cake…
  • Jumin
    On the one hand I like how Jumin went from yandere cat-lover to the sweetest doting husband ever. He was the last one I’d expect to get domestic fluff from. On the other hand I also wish he’d stop shoving his credit cards up my face. Like, I get that he wants to buy ALL THE THINGS for MC because he loves her sooooo much, but
  • Zen
    Horny as always, I’m not even surprised anymore lol. Zen’s too lewd. I’d like to think that the CG of Zen holding only MC’s hand was on purpose. Like, if you look at only that CG it could be anyone’s hand, right? It could be Jumin’s hand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)….
  • Yoosung
    I’m so proud of Yoosung, you don’t even know!! This boy has grown so much! ❤ The premise of his special (reconstructing their very first date) was really fun and I enjoyed it. He even went as far as to speak in his high-pitched voice from ‘back then’ and I realized for the first time how different it sounds from his normal, more mature voice. Also: I wish I could forget all about the dog CG….
  • Seven
    He is so cute and sweet and precious! Such a creative way of presenting chocolate! I lost it at the Seven doll. Those need to become a real thing, I would like to buy seven (pun intended)! When I found out that there is a bitter and a sweet end I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but it was….amazing! Bitter end Seven reminded me a little of Unknown. I wonder if that was an intended reference or if it just happened to turn out that way…:3c

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