Game Notes · PC / Steam


I bought the game out of curiosity (never tried a Chinese game before) during one of Steam’s many sales. My main reason for picking this one was the cute art and that’s exactly what I liked best about it till the very end. Sadly I couldn’t get used to the Chinese voice acting and it didn’t help that recording quality for some characters was worse than for others. Though my biggest issue was the writing and/or translation. While the plot offered some interesting aspects which could have been utilized to tell a good story (probably), it fails to do that for the most part. Additionally, the pacing was really weird at times and some of the events were hard to follow, with stuff seemingly happening out of nowhere. It felt bland and boring to read, too, and I guess the very literal translation is to blame for that.

I really  h a t e  stat-raising systems. I knew I had to suffer through it if I wanted to play this game, but that doesn’t keep me from complaining, hah! It took me a while to understand how exactly it works, too. In the beginning I played at random in order to get used to scheduling MC’s school life. I got a no-romance end, which was fine. But after that I failed another two times. First time I guess I must have picked the wrong answers, because my guy suddenly started ignoring me out of nowhere. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌  The second time I really had no clue what I did wrong, because I focused on raising all necessary stats only to end up with a bad end anyway. Apparently affection/elemental affinity doesn’t only have to be in the right zone, it HAS to be over 9000 700-something in order to get a happy ending…mfw I had to redo everything from scratch because all my saves were useless.

All in all it wasn’t THAT bad…I mean I’ve paid more to play far worse (*cough*Otouto Scramble*cough*). Unfortunately it wasn’t THAT good either, so I’m glad I got it during a sale.


(no romance) -> Leo -> Christ -> Jesse -> Locke


♡ = favorite character


  • not sure if she’s boring, weird, crazy or everything at the same time…
  • wants to become an Oracle of Light one day
  • at times her avatar’s expression didn’t fit the mood/emotion I’d expect her to have at that particular time
  • her only redeeming feature is that she does have a clear goal throughout the game (regardless of the romance): finding out the truth about her father’s death

Hank a.k.a. Crain
CV: ??

  • took notes on him because his character sprite is super cute ❤
  • I thought he’s just some random, unimportant kid that Leia is looking after at the Church, but then Christ’s route revealed him as a powerful pure-blood vampire shota
  • why is there no route for him?? No seriously, this game could need a shota route!

(in play order)

Leo  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Xiao Feng


  • Leia’s teacher for light magic and the school doctor, also ughhh I don’t like this type of character…
  • his route was just talk about dessert and magic potions
  • not sure why he starts flirting with Leia in the middle of class right from the start, but…yeah
  • mfw he died on me in my first playthrough and I flipped 10 tables before realizing that I must have triggered his bad end LOL

Christ  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Lan Ling


  • half human/vampire with the most unfortunate naming ever (Christ Bruch smh)
  • he’s edgy so he bandages his wounds instead of healing them w/ magic
  • I guess he’s kinda cute
  • sad end showed that he doesn’t age like Leia does, so I’m having trouble feeling happy for their marriage in the good end. I mean technically Leia could still have chosen to become a vampire later on, but hmm… (・3・);;

Jesse  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
CV: Zi Xi


  • some of his CGs look like they weren’t quite finished yet
  • kuudere vampire hiding in the school’s basement, angsting and pretending that he’s tough, but actually he’s just a siscon softie who likes sweets  ( „• ω •„ )♡
  • probably the most considerate and caring of them all
  • for some reason every female NPC in the game is his big or little sister (!!?)
  • Leia’s dad was very much alive in Jesse’s good end, but he kept himself hidden. Why? How come this isn’t talked about anywhere else? Why even mention it then?

Locke(♡)  ★ ★ ★ ★
CV: Xiao Yi Ran


  • another great example for worst boy being best boy
  • powerful pure-blood vampire, senpai and student council
  • you can tell that his bullying of Leia is just teasing if you compare it to the way he rips apart all the other people who dare to piss him off :3c
  • at first I thought he’d be yandere, but as it turns out he’s just a sadist (bless ^q ^)
  • the only character with three different endings (I think?)
  • he’s the worst all year long, but ends up becoming the most loving husband
  • mfw some light magic teacher tried to kill Leia out of jealousy (╹◡╹)??

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