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I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been waiting for this. In fact, I’ve been dying to take away Rika’s man, just so I can spite her. But this….this was not what I had in mind, not what I expected at all – in more ways than one. First of all IT WAS EXPENSIVE AS HECK!(iДi)Not just the unlocking, but everything in general! Tfw you miss one of Ray’s calls and you call him back for 15 friggin’ HG AND THEN HE DOESN’T PICK UP!!!! /flips table Also, I had to play in real-time for the most part, because I didn’t wanna pay 150+HG per day. Second of all…my gaming experience wasn’t about V at all( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \………I know it’s supposed to be his route, but that’s just how things turned out. /shrug

I’m not V’s biggest fan mind you, and at this point it’s p. much impossible to make me change my mind. I didn’t expect this route to be able to. But I didn’t expect to feel so torn either. For every thing that I like about this DLC, there’s one thing I dislike. The one single point I can’t complain about is the BGM. Loved it, even the V and Rika track was beautiful. Generally I gotta say that I had a great time and enjoyed myself a lot. The RFA was a likable bunch, even though all of them were a little different from what I remembered them to be in the original game. Yet at the same time this route was the worst experience ever! I’m on the fence about the ending(s) in particular (though I’m still missing one or two bad ends), especially the good end. Maybe the after story will make a difference later…? I can’t really tell at this point. As for now though, the good end feels pretty bad to me. (TεT;)

If anything, I’d say this DLC made me fall in love with the Choi twins even more, while my hate and disgust for Rika increased hundredfold. Beware, character notes are very ranty this time around.


  • Jaehee
    Having Jaehee around felt really pleasant. She was once again busy handling Jumin’s random assignments, but didn’t feel as severely overworked and stressed out as in the main route(s) to me. She’d also let out her inner Zen-fangirl more often and this time around I was actually able to enjoy it. She was kind of like a big sister to everyone. I liked having Jaehee around, she kept me calm (as calm as one can be when suffering).
  • Jumin
    JUMIN HAN!!! YOU PRECIOUS PERSON!!! Seriously, if there is one thing I adore about V (in general) then it’s his friendship with Jumin and this route finally shared some insight on their past!!! ; v ; Jumin was such a good friend to V throughout the whole route. Seeing him being stubborn out of concern for V’s well-being really warmed my heart. We all need a friend like Jumin Han in our lives. I like how logical and collected he is when it comes to the whole Rika ordeal. She’s alive and evil? Okay, time to bring her down! That’s mah boi!!! Also, shota Jumin is super cute and adorable. Thank you for the treat, Cheritz!
  • Zen
    Going on and on about his looks as always. But at least he wasn’t 24/7 crying/complaining about the lack of a girlfriend this time. In exchange for that he did a good job taking care of Yoosung! Those two were together a lot and Zen really was a good big brother kind of figure IMHO (well okay they got drunk that one time, but it’s okay, they are adults after all). It was cute, honestly! I think now I kind of understand where Zensung shippers are coming from. There were some short-lived Juminzen bickering moments as well, though not as spicy as I had hoped. Too bad. ;w ; BUT!!! During the party on the final day Zen and Jumin looked like they were attending their own wedding. Congrats on your marriage, you two!!!
  • Yoosung
    A Yoosung who hasn’t yet discovered the world of LOLOL and gaming…at first I thought I’d be bored and annoyed by the Rika-talk, but…I wasn’t. I actually felt sorry for Yoosung this time around. He still blamed V and all that, but a) V is partly responsible for that and b) Yoosung didn’t seem hateful about it…just confused and hurt and unable to cope. When he found out the truth about Rika, it broke my heart a little. I understand that she meant so much to him, which is why I’m proud he didn’t let her sweet words woo him into something silly like….joining the Mint Eye. XD; Seeing him reject Rika at the end felt weirdly satisfying. He had Zen around to help him, too! I think I grew to appreciate their friendship. Yoosung is a sweet boy. Please forget Rika and become a happy LOLOL player in the future.
  • Seven
    I kept flirting with Seven whenever I had the chance to (who wouldn’t!?)….oh well. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ I think Seven wasn’t as hyper and meme-heavy as in the main route(s), though the GoT parody ‘King of the Seven Kingdom’ had me crying for hours. Seven is Seven after all. He’s always great and lovable. BUT I felt really really bad for him in this route! He suspected Ray to be Saeran all the time (at least that’s what I thought), but nobody told him the truth…he most likely never finds out about Ray’s true identity and what (possibly!?) happened to him on day 10. I HATE THIS!!! The least V could have done is tell Seven the truth…I know it’s a painful one, but I…I don’t know man, to me it seems more painful to have him live a lie forever. Sigh….why can’t the twins be happy? V and Rika coming into their lives was supposed to initiate a change for the better (I think), but I can’t help feeling that it made everything worse instead. Idk if Ray being the better hacker is actually true (as a Seven fan, I kinda want GOD7 to be the number one for all time heheh :3c), but seeing Seven so impressed and….fond of his brother hurt me right in the feels. Yeah, he didn’t actually know BUT STILL!!!!!
  • Vanderwood
    Well, okay. I guess we can now be 100% sure that Vanderwood identifies as male, even though Seven keeps calling him “madam”…XD Good? Good. When there was no word of him whatsoever during the first couple of days I thought he wouldn’t be part of the DLC and got a little sad. Luckily he appeared later on and WHOA!!! I did not expect him to have a CG! And such a pretty one too!!! (*/▽\*) Chatting with Vanderwood was lots of fun and I really hope there will be more opportunities to chat with him in the future (/whispers Vanderwood route, please?). It’s too bad that he didn’t get to interact with Ray this time (my guilty pleasure ship…..). But iirc he was checking out some photos for Seven…what happened to that? Maybe it’ll play a role in the after end? And assuming that (/prayer circle) Ray somehow survived the explosion, he and Vanderwood might still be able to meet…? 8D
  • Ray/Saeran
    My love, my sunshine (I’m starting to sound like V here but I don’t even care!). Ray definitely stole my heart in this DLC and it’s not just because he’s SLAINE v.2 (the looks, the clothes, the friggin’ blue roses!!!!!) 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。 but also because he’s….pushing all my (problematic) buttons. My original motivation to play V’s route was so that I could save him from Rika…but then Ray happened and, honestly, I completely forgot about V LOL. I am weak. Seriously, I did not expect Ray to play such a big role and I most definitely did not expect to end up loving him as much as I do (sasuga Seven’s brother). I kept trying to get into his route even though there was no route for him except bad ends (time to change that, please? PLEASE??). I repeatedly got into bad ends on days 1-4 because I didn’t want to part with Ray. Like, how can I go when he calls/texts in the middle of the night and begs me not to leave him??? In the original game I thought that Unknown fell in love with MC but wasn’t really aware of it/didn’t know how to show it (let’s face it, he has no clue how to interact with other people). And well, this is what happened here too, except Ray was actually kind of able to put it into words and actions. He’s a good boy (I still like it when he snaps and Saeran starts spouting yandere nonsense though). Ray is adorable (albeit troubled and brainwashed and in need of medical treatment). He’s even adorable when he’s being creepy. I know it’s not good for him to obsess over MC but (ノ∀\*)キャャャ…sorry. Personally, I liked Ray’s prologue bad end best out of all ends in Another Story (no regrets), mainly because of being absolutely not okay with what happens to Ray during the last couple of days, or more specifically day 10. I REALLY hope for the after end to like….shed some light on that day. I don’t wanna believe that Ray died in that explosion. ;_; It’s too sad of an end! Don’t take away Ray! Don’t take away the Choi twins reunion from me! Why do other people have to pay for Rika’s bullshit!? Ray deserves to be healed! Ray deserves to be loved! Ray deserves to be reunited with his brother! Ray deserves a route! Ray deserves a happy end! HAPPINESS FOR SLAINE RAY!!!!
  • V
    I. AM. SO. TORN. Seriously. First of all, I really like Another Story V a lot better than original V for various reasons, especially during the first couple of days. He’s sticking around the messenger more often, hence providing more opportunities for interaction. I finally got to know him a little! The other members are a lot more worried critical of him and they speak up about it (bless!). Not only does that make more sense, it also helps with the dynamic of the whole group. RFA felt much more believable as a group of friends who care about each other, and V too seemed more….human? LOL. He even used emoji in chatrooms!!! I really liked the bits about his parents, as well as his friendship with Jumin. If only his route was more focused on those two instead of Rika and the f*****g sun…!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Once I got past day 6 I wanted to strangle him so badly. We were back to old V, talking about Rika and his mistakes and his sins and “I’m sorry (x100). I alone am to blame for everything. I don’t deserve happiness. I have to do this alone blah blah BLAH BLAH” oh for fucks sake!!! (ಠ_ಠ ) Him trying to solve everything on his own when he CLEARLY HASN’T GOT A CLUE ABOUT WHAT HE’S DOING (or what he’s supposed to do) is just something I can’t get behind. I couldn’t in the original game and I still can’t in Another Story. Dude, if you needed MC to understand what you did wrong when being with Rika, what makes you think you can fix all this shit on your own?? Maybe it wouldn’t have been as annoying for me if I hadn’t had to romance him. Like, I don’t know what MC saw in him anyway, even after playing both his normal AND good end. It’s not like he had time to pay much attention to her, he was too busy expanding his sacrificial hero complex. I’m particularly salty about V keeping secrets from Seven until the end (AGAIN), even after everyone was like “okay, no more secrets” repeatedly during days 8-10. As far as endings go, his normal end felt kind of a bad end honestly, because he didn’t seem to grow out of his habit of obsessing over his partner. BUT the CG was pretty. In fact, I liked it better than the good end CG, even though the good end was a much better ending (for V at least). It felt so good to see him finally forget about Rika and choose MC, even though it took him three years or w/e XD
  • Rika \(ಠ益ಠ)/
    I don’t think anything in this world can make me like Rika or even remotely sympathize with her. She’s terrible. She was terrible in the original game and she’s still terrible now. Giving her a sad sob story did nothing for me. I don’t pity her and it was a pain to pretend doing so in order to get the normal/good end. Rika x MC (bad) end(s)? NO THANK YOU, I can’t even enjoy them ironically. Rika’s just a big no no to me and I wish she would go and stay go forever. Nothing can justify what she did to Ray. Poor kid had a horrible life and enough shit to deal with even without her meddling. Saeran is no saint obviously, he has lots of problems. But he didn’t try to harm anyone before Rika brainwashed and used him for her cray cray paradise plans. She made him a criminal, worsened his mental state AND destroyed his bond with Saeyoung. FFS RIKA (°ㅂ° ╬). Not only that, but she ruined who knows how many people’s lives. And like wow, I don’t wana justify the shit V did while in a relationship with her, but do I think he’s to blame for the way she turned out? Do I think it justifies her actions against him? Hell no! I don’t wanna help her and be friends with her or even see her again, honestly. The thought of possibly having to deal with her again for another DLC route (or any other kind of DLC) makes me wanna rip out my hair in frustration. Just go away, Rika.

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