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Holy shit! How I craved to play this route. How I looked forward to it! And now that I’m p. much done I—– I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be LOL. NGL, Saeran fanservice pushed all my buttons in good AND bad ways. I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel more uncomfortable than in V’s or Jumin’s route, but now I know better. I love Saeran, I really do – be it his Ray persona, his Unknown persona or his true self. But at the same time everything was so…painful, exhausting and aggravating that I had to take breaks from playing or else I would’ve ended up throwing my phone out of the window.

Okay so, first of all there’s NEXT TO NO VANDERWOOD!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! WHYYYY!!! I was looking forward to more Vanderwood content after V’s route and also because I kind of ship Vanderan and was hoping for some kinda fanservice here and there but in Ray’s route he barely even exists! I think I saw him in like 3 scenes or sth and THAT WAS IT. WHYYYYY!!!!

Second of all this route did NOT fix the one thing I wanted it to fix, because Seven’s still being lied to until the very end and the twins do not meet each other at all FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! (°ㅂ° ╬) I really hated that part in V’s route so I had hoped for Ray’s route to make things better, but alas….·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. I mean like, I don’t mind the ‘evil dad’ plot and all that, but solving that one while Seven remains MIA kind of makes me so, so bitter??? IDK man I’m not okay with this like…no. Just no. Why do the twins get this treatment in Another Story anyway? Can’t we have them find out the truth? Don’t they deserve to know!? Don’t they deserve a chance to work towards finding a solution for their problems!? It doesn’t have to be a happily ever after fairytale end, but IMHO Saeran’s feelings for Seven are as important as his feelings for MC and leaving that part of his story open like that EVEN IN HIS VERY OWN ROUTE pisses me of so much. ( ಥ н ಥ ) I sure hope this will be addressed in the after end, because I’m gonna be incredibly salty if not…you can’t give me cute shota flashbacks and then expect me to accept a “oh well, it’s probably better if we never see each other again”…just NO.

Third of all, HOW CAN RIKA BECOME MORE TERRIBLE WITH EVERY UPDATE!?!? щ(ಥДಥщ) I mean I’ve always disliked her and I never expected that to change, but this was bad even for her standards. What’s worse is that she dragged V back to hell with her again LOL. I kind of warmed up to him a little during his route, but every little bit of character development he experienced got flushed down the toilet and we’re now back to square one: lies, lies, even more lies and MUH RIKA. F*** you, too. I know they say love makes you blind, but seriously…you can’t be THAT blind, can you!? I’m sorry, can’t those two just go and stay go? I’ve had enough of both of them. T______T I can’t help but feel as if they made the twins’ lives worse instead of better. Also, let’s be real here…becoming someone’s guardian by killing their actual guardian is so messed up, I really don’t know what to say. Why isn’t Rika in prison yet?

Fourth of all, and I’m gonna make this the last point to rant about, I don’t think Saeran’s story is one you can tell in the span of 10 days unfortunately. He has a very serious problem and healing him in a couple of days with the Power Of Love takes away so, so much. Like, I get that that’s how the game is structured and all, but still… : / It’s disappointing because if you think about it, it’s such a complex (and sad!) situation, but so much changes in such a short time than I couldn’t help but laugh at how quickly issues are resolved LOL. Despite all that, the middle part, when Saeran takes over and harrasses MC for like 2 days straight, felt incredibly LONG and ESHAUSTING to me, because every single chat was nothing but verbal abuse. I mean, it’s p. clear that Saeran isn’t really talking to MC, but rather himself there…but it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable anyway. The game at some point makes you realize that Saeran only mirrors/repeats what his mother (and, to some extent, Rika) always said to him and I loved the moment when that realization hit me. It’s heart-wrenching really. And then you see Seven suffering and blaming himself, too, while V’s busy talking in flower metaphors and pitying Rika (and himself). And then you read Saeran’s diary, which was p. much my only reason for buying the Mint Eye Believer pack and can be summarized as “A Book About How Much I Love My Big Brother Saeyoung”. How can I not cry tears of salt??? 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

Moving on to stuff I actually liked…the CGs were all very high quality this time, which was great! Saeran deserves to have pretty CGs and I’m happy he got them. I haven’t unlocked all of the bad ends myself yet, but I’ve seen all the CGs and none of them looked unfinished or bad. I also loved the new OST tracks and the ED theme! Not only were they all beautiful but also fitting for Saeran’s different personalities. By the by, I really think Cheritz should consider character songs for everyone. I wanna hear all of them sing LOL. Jumin was a best as always (why can’t he be a best in his own route too? SIGH) and I had a lot of fun “watching” Yoosung’s and Zen’s interactions too. Yoosung’s Jumin impersonation deserves a fan art…maybe I’ll find the time someday. I wish we could’ve gotten more flashbacks to when the twins were younger…I wanted to see more of them together, even though it’s always very painful and sad scenes because of their abusive mom. I’m also glad we got to know a little more about their dad even though he’s a complete douche lol (his eyes really resemble Seven’s, though Seven is so much cooler and nicer and a better person of course). And finally…I’m so glad I got a call card for Ray because I called him 485748567438567458 times and he picked up less than half of that, but when he did I cried so much had so much fun. Cheritz really does well in shaping their characters, they make me feel genuinely happy, sad, uncomfortable (or disgusted LOL).

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