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Tbh, I only bought Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome because I wanted to try a R18 game at least once in my life and I expected  n o t h i n g  from it – or, well, nothing good at least. Surprisingly enough, I had quite a lot of fun! The sexy times were…not as terrible as I thought, but still kinda cringy to sit through and, tbh, I skipped them for the most part, because I couldn’t stand neither the CGs nor the moaning. ESPECIALLY EMA’S!!! Why do girls in H scenes always sound like they’re being tortured to death? The lewds also came outta nowhere and made me go ???ლ(╹◡╹ლ)??? most of the time, which didn’t help, either. However, the game also featured some rather silly and over-the-top humour, which I enjoyed very, very much. The main routes had some really fun moments too, of course, but what really got me were the “bad” ends. Instead of being genuinely bad, they were super random and hilarious. XD Stuff like Ema becoming a famous BL-writer, or wrestler, joining gothic lolita cults, SLEEPING THROUGH HER WHOLE LIFE AND THEN DYING OF OLD AGE (that last one could also be me, tbh)…I cried tears of joy! It made me wanna unlock every single ending this game had to offer – which I actually did, btw! I never thought I’d go for 100% clear in a R18 game, lol…XD

Overall I definitely didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. The H content felt kinda unnecessary to me, but I don’t like H content in general so there’s that. For now, I’m just really glad that I don’t have to regret buying the game! Kudos to the localization team for making it such a fun ride!


Miki -> Saito -> 3P


♡ = favorite character

CV: Kaibara Elena

Her personality changes are very extreme and kind of amazing, but I guess you gotta be that way if you wanna carry a lewd comedy, heh. Ema’s parents are super rich and influential, but for some reason she’s been bullied all her life cuz of her height and “resting bitch face” (quoting her own words here), until Miki and Saito appear and force her to become a model. I guess that makes sense…(??)ヽ(。_゜)ノ

I really enjoyed playing as Ema, because she’s just so over the top! It was difficult at first, particularly because of all the weird noises and screeches she makes when being surprised/scared/whatever. That kind of annoyed the heck outta me and when I reached my first lewd scene I decided to mute her for good, because her moaning made me wanna kill myself. After that everything was just soooo much better! Usually I’m all for voiced main characters/heroines, but in this case I def. prefer the silent protagonist.

Miki ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Kuroi Isamu


At first I thought he’d be a cute one, but he’s actually a clingy pervert lol. He’s supposedly a hopeless ドM but…for some reason his masochism only exists during funny scenes and “bad” endings. I mean, he designs bdsm fashion and Ema is his muse, she friggin’ WEARS all that risky stuff he’s making, yet…none of that is actually picked up and used in the lewd content I DON’T REALLY UNDERSTAND WHY. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tbh I didn’t like the development in Miki’s route. He is genuinely passionate about designing clothes for Ema and he treasures her a lot, but I feel like his character doesn’t go well with Ema’s. His clingyness was kind of annoying for me, too, even though I don’t dislike Miki as a character overall. While I understand his attraction to Ema, I find her’s to be quite questionable. Ema didn’t seem to care for Miki in a romantic way, until he p. much forced himself on her. Then for some reason they end up banging each other after one date (which they decided on just so they can experience the riajuu life lel) and the day after she’s like “oh, well, we did it…I think I like him”…!?!? So, basically, what you’re saying is she fell in love with his big d— ? That’s not very romantic, is it? :3c I guess she genuinely loves him by the end of his route, but I have no idea what exactly she likes about him and why and how. They’re still arguing about his weird doll fetish even months later and I’m just….(-‸ლ)

Saito ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
CV: Yotsuya Cider


Supposedly the ドS guy, but in reality he’s just a bossy tsundere. I probably have a different understanding of what a sadistic guy is. Saito sure could learn a thing or two from Ozmafia’s Kyrie…heh :3c (pun intended). Even though I was a little disappointed about Saito not being as much of a sadist as I had hoped, I still liked his route for all the cute tsundere moments. He is a surprisingly sweet and caring guy, who tries to help out/produce Ema’s modeling career to the best of his ability…

I thought that he has much better chemistry with Ema than Miki. Sure in the beginning he’s kind of an asshole, but he changes his attitude rather quickly and while he’s still being bossy and saying mean things, he never goes overboard and it becomes p. apparent how much he actually cares for Ema. He avoids TELLING her to her face, but it seemed quite obvious to me anyway. Ema shows interest in Saito way before they do the do, so her feelings aren’t based on just their sexy time together, which gave me a much better impression of their relationship, as well. What I like about Saito is that he ‘forces’ Ema to come out of her shell. I really doubt Miki would’ve been able to win her over all by himself. She might be his muse, but he’s definitely not the reason why she stayed by his (and Saito’s) side. Had it not been for Saito’s persistence, Team X wouldn’t have been formed. He’s the one who changed Ema by challenging her and pushing her to her limits. That way, not only did her character development seem more solid and justified, it also helped me to understand why she develops an interest in Saito despite his initially bad attitude.

Bonus: 3P route


This route was weird in every possible way, especially the explicit part. Frankly I don’t get why Ema would suddenly want to drug and rape those two. (╹◡╹) It made even less sense for them to be all “oh, okay, we’re horny now so let’s do it” after hearing about it. (╹◡╹);; BUT!!! I genuinely enjoyed the BrOTP joke ending. I’d say it was my favourite ending in the whole game! So hilarious! BROMANCE IS THE TRUE PATH TO HAPPINESS, EMA SAW THE LIGHT!!! Unfortunately I can’t ship those two, so it will never be anything more than a joke ending to me. Too bad, though. I’d say Saito’s lowkey sadism would go well with Miki’s nonexistent masochism…

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