Hi, you can call me Riri or Sofi!

I’m your regular OL, who’s been playing video games for the greatest part of her life. Other than gaming, I also enjoy anime, manga, drawing and watching Asian dramas (my guilty pleasure).

A few years back otome games piqued my interest, thanks to my best friend introducing me to Sangoku Rensenki which still is my favourite otome game to date. I’ve been hooked to these games ever since. As for games in general, I mostly play (J)RPGs, but I actually enjoy any genre other than racing games and shooters. You can find an (arguably incomplete) list of my gaming history here.

Taking notes (be it positive or negative ones) is something I first started doing in order to share them with my friends. It’s also quite interesting to go back and read about my own impressions at a later point in time. In that sense, I guess this blog is more of a personal thing, as all I want to do is share my thoughts with others. I’m not trying to fully summarize stories, nor am I trying to provide (objective) reviews or any type of guides. My posts are about my thoughts and feelings and therefore also not spoiler-free. Please be mindful of that fact and read at your own discretion.

If you feel like sharing your own thoughts with me, feel free to leave a comment or contact me otherwise. I’m always happy to talk! I’m mostly active on Twitter, so that’s probably the best way to stay in touch. My tweets aren’t limited to just games, but also include some of my other interests. The account is locked because of my fangirling habits & spoilers, but if you don’t mind either, feel free to send a follow request!