I’ve been playing video games for the greatest part of my life, but it’s been only in recent years (2011 and later) that I got interested in female-oriented games thanks to my best friend. My top three criteria for otome games are setting/plot, art style and voice cast. As for other games, I mostly play (J)RPGs and rhythm games, but I enjoy all kinds of genres except for racing games and shooters.

Taking notes on games that I feel strongly about (be it positive or negative) is something I started doing because I enjoy sharing my throughts with my friends. Additionally, it’s quite interesting to go back and read about my own impressions at a later point in time. I decided to put them up on a blog for convenience reasons. I’m not trying to fully summarize games/routes, nor am I trying to give objective reviews. All notes are 100% subjective and NOT free of spoilers.