Game Notes · PS Vita


Oh boy. At first I thought this game would bore me to death, because it sounded like some modern Cinderella kinda story, only it was set in a high school. Once the mysteries started piling up, though, I got really hooked! Sadly the big reveal wasn't as...exciting as I hoped it would be. I'm kinda… Continue reading ZETTAI KAIKYUU GAKUEN

Game Notes · PS Vita


So, in the beginning all I knew about this game was that Tomu and Suzuken worked on it together and that alone was reason enough for me to wanna play it, even though vampires and werewolves aren't exactly my favourite. Also, my bestie played it before and I really wanted to be able to talk… Continue reading WALPURGA NO UTA

Game Notes · PS Vita


It was my first time playing an English localization. The translation was lacking quality in many aspects. There were a lot of typos or missing words and some translations were simply....wrong, which is why I was glad to be able to understand what the characters were saying during the voice acting. I tried to make sense of the translation's… Continue reading NORN9