Mysmsg Rant

Yeah… I need to get everything out of my system, this is SO overdue!!

So the first thing I wanna mention isn’t something related to Mystic Messenger ONLY, but more of a general thing that I really hate about mobile games: getting a route’s different endings. I love seeing every possible outcome and I also love completing CG galleries and stuff like that so I usually play routes multiple times in order to explore every possibility. It’s np for console games. Easy peasy. No worries. I can go back and forth as much as I want. But I CAN’T BE BOTHERED FOR MOBILE GAMES. I’ve tried doing it for some Mysmsg routes, using multiple saves and whatnot, but it’s still soooooo tedious. Of course I could choose to spend even more money on HG to make things a little easier, but that’d be expensive and still a hassle compared to console games so…lol nope. That also means I will have to live with my incomplete gallery (I’m gonna regret this one day)…(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



So yeah, Rika. This character bothers me so much. She played such a big role, but was handled so poorly IMO I don’t even…(°ㅂ° ╬) She’s done a lot of shit, causing problems and trouble for everyone, but in the end it’s all excused because “it’s not her fault, she had mental problems and anxiety and whatnot, SHE’S ACTUALLY A GOOD AND CARING PERSON AND WANTS TO HELP PEOPLE”. Please. Worst thing is: there’s barely any consequences for her, since V decides to sacrifice himself, like the good boyfriend that he is. And for some reason her involvement in the whole fiasco gets covered up, too ( ಠ ಠ ) because V’s sacrifice shouldn’t be for nothing, blah. Just thinking about it fills me with negativity. I know it’s silly, but… ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

It’s not like V’s any better though. I mean, dude, what even…ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) I’m all for devoted boyfriends, but there’s a limit to everything, right?! Did he miss all the signs? How could he not have seen that her mental state was getting worse with time ( ̄∀ ̄)???? I also can’t forgive the lies and betrayal of trust of so many people he claims are like a family to him. I do feel sorry that he ends up taking the blame all alone, but…yeah. It’s what he wanted anyway. Idek.

Despite all the negativity I feel towards V, I still DO want a route for him – only to see Rika’s face when he declares his love for MC. Bitch!

BL ships

I actually like a lot of BL ships, how did this happen??? I guess it might be due to MC’s lack of character? I’m usually not the type of person who self-inserts while playing; I feel more like a spectator (although I will admit that I wanted to be MC in Seven’s route….I really did. Sevennnn /////// ). There were many times when I felt frustrated with the options I was given/had to pick. It’s easier to imagine the relationships the other characters could form among each other instead…heh.

Juminzen is my OTP. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) They were basically the biggest source of entertainment (until I got to play Seven’s route). It was love at first chat, I think I fell for their charm on day 1…or was it day 2? Idk it happened so fast….I was doodling Juminzen fanart before I even got into a route. I still don’t know why Zen ended up with MC, because IMO there was so much more going on between him and Jumin. They even had a date in the woods, I mean come on…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Other than that, I also enjoy seeing Seven and Yoosung together; they are cute. A cute ship. Cute + cute = cute²! Plus: Yoosung teasing!!! Though when it comes to teasing, maybe Saeran would do a better job? The twins and Yoosung…yeah, I think I’d like that. Speaking of Saeran, I want him and Vanderwood to interact more. I want more screen time for them in general, but I also wanna see them together more. They could join forces in bullying Seven….(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Oh darn, why did they have to raise Vanderwood’s cuteness in the secrets?! Now I’m craving to see more but will never get any (probably)…. ( ;  ; )

Hatoful Boyfriend ‘Hurtful Route’


My friend had already mentioned the hurtful route to me waaaay before I was ready to play it. Based on what he said (‘it features the whole cast’) I expected some sort of…harem plot? A silly all-cast fanservice story that has nothing to do with all the other routes. Someting like that. Anything, really. Anything but the murder-mystery I ended up getting.It’s not just the fact that the game’s genre completely changed. No, what actually blew my mind is that I found myself…enjoying every bit of it! I was excited and curious and emotionally involved even though it’s about fucking BIRDS! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but EVERYTHING in this train wreck story started making sense all of a sudden! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

The route made me change my view on many characters. Like, I was wondering all game long, why Okosan is the only bird without a human avatar CG and when I finally understood the reason I went all “oh my gooodddd”. All this time I thought Okosan is just your typical goofy character who’s got muscles but no brains, but then I get a logical explanation for that and…Okosan, I don’t even know why, but I like you much better now. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ And Ryoutaaaaa!!! He finally became a real (main) character! I enjoyed him and Sakuya cooperating to solve the mystery behind Hiyoko’s death and well, the whole back story was great, too…I came to like Ryouta so much better!! The biggest change probably happened for Kazuaki, whom I didn’t like much until his back story and connection to the whole plot got revealed. I became SO EMOTIONAL after that….hahhhhhh….I don’t even know where to begin!!!

Hurtful route is where Hatokare truly shines. I didn’t think it was possible to make such a silly plot seem so logical. I didn’t think it was possible to have so many feelings for…birds. I didn’t think I’d end up enjoying the game SO MUCH. I had really high expectations and it still managed to surprise me. I wish I could forget everything and experience the game again!

Some additional character notes…


These two…!!(joj)I didn’t expect them to be connected like that. So the bird in Kazuaki’s photo might’ve been Nageki all along, right?! Oh god…I might actually ship them a little now HAHAHAHAHA (help me). After playing Shuu’s route I thought that Nageki might have been one of Shuu’s victims (hey, the rumors of students disappearing or being cut into pieces are most likely true so…yeah). Well he kinda was, but not in the way I expected him to be. What happened to Nageki was so sad…he didn’t deserve any of this! I feel so so sorry for him!


AAAAHHHHH (BIRD) SIBLINGSSSSSS!!! I knew I would come to love them the moment they appeared on-screen (Sakuya hissing at his older brother was enough for me), but their routes kinda left me hanging. THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO MY NEEDS, HURTFUL ROUTE! I think the moment of truth between those two was my personal highlight. Yuuya is best bro. Protect him. Protect them both.


(///Σ///) OKAY NO PLEASE HEAR ME OUT. I’m very conflicted when it comes to Shuu. I loved the craziness in his route, because it was hella entertaining. At the same time some parts of it were seriously disturbing (I can never forgive him for grilling Yuuya). BUUUUT no matter how crazy I thought Shuu was, I really liked the back story with him and Ryouta’s dad. It was something I didn’t see coming, tbh. And…and well….uhm. The person bird Shuu loved admired was obviously Ryouta’s dad, but…what if he started seeing him in Ryouta? I-I….I’m sorry I just…uhm…welp.

Nameless rant

Ugh, okay…I really wanted to like this game. I did. But it was the most painful experience as of lately, I feel so sad and betrayed and stupid for having expectations, because of good reviews and pretty art. I think if I had set my expectations lower, then I would’ve been able to enjoy the game far more than I actually did.

First of all, I had the impression that there was waaaaay too much narration!! I felt the need to skip stuff SO OFTEN because Eri and her friends would go on and on and on about how hot the HOT5 are and how they’d get Tei to notice Soi and random school blargh that nobody really cares about…honestly, I was bored out of my mind half of the time. Other than providing some comedic relief here and there the supporting characters (and there were quite a lot of them, actually) didn’t really do much and most of their dialogue and interactions felt forced and awkward. Same goes for…literally anything else. The writing was on fanservice anime level, the humor as well…that doesn’t have to be bad if you’re doing it the smart way, but Nameless didn’t do it the smart way. ( ̄  ̄|||) You could probably cut out half of the dialogue in every route, because it adds NOTHING to the actual story.

My BIGGEST complaint though: the ending(s) – or rather the connecting points of the routes. I am SO MAD!!! Who thought this would be a good idea? Like, I get that they were trying to go for another Dandelion type of story, but in that case they should have kept it that way until the end and not have all the different dimensions come together all of a sudden. Dandelion worked, BECAUSE all characters were able to find happiness (or at least get the chance to) thanks to parallel worlds and different timelines. But in Nameless they decided to scramble it all together, for god knows what reason. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK MAN??!( ಠ ಠ ) Eri falls in love with one of her dolls and then disappears during their cute lovey-dovey Christmas date in each route (representing a different dimension). But then in the epilogue everyone comes together in the same dimension? Really? Each of them is supposedly in love with Eri and…they should be expecting her to love them back, right? I mean, this is what one would assume, right? But for some reason they don’t?! Or, well, IDEK because the game just throws this at us and then it ends after Red&friends find her and ??? in that dark room for abandoned toys. So what is this supposed to tell me? It looks as if Red is the only relationship that matters. I mean, everyone comes together for Red to use his power and find/save Eri and…that’s p. much it. What about the other couples? Do they just….disappear? Like they never even happened? Don’t the other characters matter at all? They seem so unimportant after this. I really don’t get it…

And how shitty is it for ??? too! I mean, dude explains to Eri how she forgot him and whatnot, Eri even attempts to apologize and then suddenly Red appears to sweep her off her feet and towards freedom and safety and they just….ditch ???, because LOL why not. I’m thankful for the second part of the epilogue showing how in the end Eri actually managed to remember ???’s name and get him out of the dark room. Because if she hadn’t…wow, I don’t even know. I honestly didn’t expect to care about ??? at all, given how I didn’t really like him throughout any route, nor in the first part of the epilogue and neither did I like any of the other problematic characters in this game. Thanks to the second part of the epilogue, though, I came to care about ??? quite a lot. Too bad he only got a short narration. Then again, his route probably would have ended with nothing at all, just like all the other routes (°ㅂ° ╬)…so maybe he doesn’t need a longer narration after all.

Uggghh, the whole dimension ‘merging’ didn’t sit well with me at all. I wasn’t given proper closure for any romance except for maybe Red’s. ??? only got very little chance for anything, because he only had the epilogue. But I don’t really mind much in his case as I didn’t have to play through a whole route, getting attached to him only to be left hanging in the end. The other guys, though? Their stories just…end with a confession at the amusement park and their girlfriend disappearing. Yeah. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ I guess my salt level is particularly high since I don’t even like Red very much and unfortunately he ends up getting the main spot. LANCE IS MY TRUE HERO!!! Why can’t he have a happy end, too? Best boy deserves better than this. Gosh, I’m so done…

Ozmafia Grand Finale & additional character notes

Grand Finale

Some things actually surprised me and completely changed my feelings towards certain characters. Like, now I get where Caesar’s obsession with Fuka stems from and I WISH I COULD’VE FOUND OUT THE REASON IN HIS OWN FUCKING ROUTE FFS щ(ಥДಥщ)….

Another thing to note is that Hamelin’s p. much the most tragic character ever, I feel SO BAD for him. Dude did literally NOTHING WRONG, then was used to commit a crime he didn’t want to, got labeled a criminal and ultimately went gaga, because he can’t redeem himself anyway no matter WHAT he does. GOSH. It doesn’t really help that we never find out what actually happens to Hamelin in the Grand Finale. Like, does he return like everyone else? And if yes, do they still want to hunt him down and put him in prison? Will Hamelin ever be happy? Now that I think about it, Hamelin has so much potential to become one of my favorites, yet his route did absolutely nothing for me. Still, I want him to be happy! Dorothy wakes up, so there’s a happy ending even for Soh….it would be unfair if there was none for Hamelin! Ahhh I want to play the Vita version….

Speaking of Soh, the Grand Finale made me feel so conflicted about him. I love him and at the same time I hate him so much, it’s super complicated. His route is still sad, but now it’s gotten this creepy touch….who even came up with the idea of combining Toto and the tower into one (shota) being, I mean…THIS IS MESSED UP, MAN!


It’s too bad that there’s no way of spending more time with the siblings, as I really liked both of them. I would have loved a romance option for Hansel (I loooooove his design tbh) and a friendship route for Gretel…especially the latter, since Gretel is a lot of fun and I would love to see her getting pissed at how dense Fuka is, heh. :3c


It’s Scarlet’s fault for calling Hamelin an important person. Or maybe it’s the fact that Hamelin brought him along to the brothel (why would you do this to a child, why??? Even though he never actually let him enter, but still…..). I would have loved to see more of what Hamelin was like before his life got screwed over by Soh’s meddling, especially in regards to Scarlet. He keeps praising the kid so much and Scarlet obviously is still attached to his (former) boss….ahhhhh they are cute! ; ;


Why am I even….it’s the bullying. Kyrie is bullying Caramia the most (aside from Fuka, that is), so I kind of….ended up….shipping it….a little. I’m no fan of Caramia, yet I don’t mind him at all when he’s with Kyrie! On the contrary I actually think he’s kinda cute. Kyrie, pls bully Caramia more!

Kyrie/Dorothy & Soh/Dorothy

They both love Dorothy a lot, but I wish I could relate to that feeling…! Unfortunately we don’t really get much info about Dorothy. Okay, in Soh’s case he’s half-Toto so I kind of understand his attachment, but what about Kyrie? Did the scarecrow love Dorothy in the original tale of the Wizard of Oz?


They were bros before Soh made Hamelin kill Robin’s wife. Now Robin hates Hamelin since he doesn’t know about Soh. I don’t think they can ever go back to being friends like they used to even if Robin knew, but I would’ve loved to see what they were like back then.


Actually a bit sad that this couple p. much only existed in Pashet’s route. Like, you could have at least dropped hints of Pashet’s feelings here and there in other routes, it wouldn’t have been that hard. It happened for Manboy and even fucking Dorian Gray (omfg), why not for Pashet? Sigh….


I got curious about him in the Oscar Wilde route, since he’s the most likable one out of the three whores. It#s too bad that he didn’t get his own route instead! Like, I’m curious how he ended up as Dorian Gray’s manservant in the first place? What did he do before that? Apparently he fell in love with Fuka at first sight, which is kinda cute and innocent and if you consider his social standing….the gap is killing me! I wish I could set him free…

Amnesia alternative relationships

Not ‘alternative couples’, because I don’t really see all of them in a romantic way….some I do, of course. But for others it’s just a platonic kind of ‘love’ or simply  a feeling of “I wish there had been more interactions/more input about them”.

Shin/Sawa, Toma/Sawa (?)

This would be the romantic kind of alternative relationship. I really really like Sawa and in Shin’s route it was hinted that she might have feelings for him (she affectionately calls him ‘Shin-chan’, too….it’s cute ////) which was kind of the trigger for me to think about ‘what if they became an item in one of all those parallel worlds?’. Of course, there is no room for Sawa to meddle in the World of Hearts, but Shin is a free man in the other worlds and…well…..:3c

Not sure about Toma/Sawa, but….I guess it wouldn’t be that bad for Toma to let go of his obsessive feelings and his “NEED TO BE A GOOD BIG BROTHER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE” persona and find happiness with someone else. But it’s more of a general thought and less of “I actually want to see these two together”.

Waka(Kent rout ver.)/Mine

This would also be the romantic kind of relationship. I couldn’t stop thinking about those two ever since Mine’s confession in Kent’s route. Mine is a difficult one, because while she is cute and I came to like her over time, my initial impression was ‘ugh, annoying’ because of Ikki’s route. And this feeling never left me. When Mine declared herself to be the heroine’s rival in love, I thought I’d be back to disliking her. I was genuinely surprised by the fact that the love rival thing ended up being a misunderstanding! Kent route-Waka and Mine are such opposites that I can’t help but wonder what their relationship would be like. I really really want to know!!


ONESHOTA ROUTE! A setting based on Ukyou’s good ending, where human Orion falls in love with the heroine and visits her at work whenever possible…hahhh cute! I’m not sure what would have to happen for Ukyou to make way, but the thought of Orion having a cute puppy crush is enough to make me crave a route like this.


I’m curious about them, as Orion seems very dedicated and proud of his master. How would they interact? Also, what about their human forms! How do they live? What is their connection/relationship? Personally I’d like them to be brothers….

Orion/literally everyone

I just want Orion to interact with the whole cast….like, REALLY interact. He’s talking all the time, but they can’t hear him and, with the exception of Kent, they never really find out about his existence or attempt to communicate with him and it’s just SO SAD. I love Orion a lot and I want the whole cast to get to know him and see what a wonderful person (or…well, spirit) he is!! Also: imagine Sawa’s and Mine’s reaction if they could see what a cutie Orion is….I bet the girls would pamper him all day, I just asddasjd aaahh Orion! /////


Not that this wouldn’t work as a BL plot (it totally would), but….I’m not really interested, I guess? BUT: if it was about their relationship as friends I’m all for it!!! Ikki’s relationship with Kent is what I like best about Ikki; I guess it’s because all the fangirl shit fades out and Ikki can be just himself around Kent. Their silly math battles are refreshing and fun. Plus, it’s nice to have someone treat Ikki like a normal human being instead of some sex god or love deity or idk. I’m sure that I could come to like Ikki a lot more if I was shown more of his and Kent’s friendship rather than the bitch fanclub.


Their constant bickering is kind of cute, I can see myself liking this one even the romantic kinda way :3c….but again, I’m more interested in their (childhood) friendship rather than any possible romantic fujoshi delusions. Toma and Shin are very different types, yet driven by similar (if not the same) motivations.

I really love how Toma can’t abandon Shin, even though the heroine is supposedly his top priority. In his own route, Toma pretends that no one else matters, but ultimately takes it back by admitting that he also wants Shin to be safe and happy. In Shin’s route, Toma’s jealousy leads to him doing horrible things, but at the same time he deeply regrets hurting his precious friend(s). This back and forth of emotions is what made me like Toma in the first place.

It’s the same for Shin. While he is pissed at Toma for hiding behind the ‘big brother’ pretense instead of admitting his feelings, he also treasures him enough that he doesn’t want him harmed or arrested. Despite his suspicion, he still asks Toma for advice and reaches out to him again and again and I really found myself drawn to this depiction of their friendship (even though I’m aware of the fact that my interpretation is probably clouded by my love for childhood friendships). I wish there could have been more flashbacks and more input about them as kids….

Norn9 alternative couples

A couple of character combinations that the game doesn’t actually offer, but that I would’ve liked to see…

Akito/Koharu & Akito/Mikoto
Akito is one of those characters I could see working out with any type of heroine, because he’s an angel (ღˇᴗˇ)。o♡ Plus he’s actually helping out both, Koharu and Mikoto, in a lot of scenes – mostly with advice on cooking, but adorably cute nontheless. I also really like him and Koharu color-wise (dark blue and pink is a cute combo, I’m not even sorry). All that made me wonder how things would’ve gone if his partner had been one of the other two girls…too bad we will never find out. ´w `

Itsuki/Koharu & Itsuki/Nanami
Itsuki is another character I could see working with anyone, given his type. I mean…y’know? He’s hitting on all the girls anyway, and since all of them are pure and innocent maidens when it comes to love matters (”W-What is this pain in my chest, I’ve never felt like this before…”), I don’t see why what worked for Mikoto wouldn’t work for Koharu and Nanami as well. Just imagine all the drama, with Itsuki longing for Mikoto and fooling around with other girls, while they fall for him, then slowly make him fall for them as well….generic shoujo manga plot, yes. But I’m trash anyway.

Kakeru/Nanami & Ron/Koharu
I’m not really sure about this, tbh, but Kakeru and Ron are kind of similar (though Kakeru is the manipulating type, while Ron’s more….physical? :3c ), so the thought of them switching girls wouldn’t let me go. I really wonder how those combinations would’ve played out….I guess I can picture Ron/Koharu more clearly than Kakeru/Nanami.

Ever since that scene of Senri and Nanami in Akito’s route, I kind of wish there was a timeline with Senri actually staying his “normal” self, instead of becoming all weird and hikkikomori due to his memory loss drama blah whatever. So then it could become something like Akito -> Nanami <- Senri……wahh/////

I thought those two were adorable right from the start! On the one hand Sorata feels like he has to take care of Koharu, because she’s so weird and helpless (in his eyes), on the other hand I AM SURE he’s also feeling helpless and lonely himself and, no matter how independent he may seem, a child is a child after all. With Sorata still being a minor it would p. much boil down to Sorata -> Koharu, but I imagine this to be a cute oneshota CP. Or what if there was a time skip 5 years into the future? Then I could see this actually going both ways and it’d be really really cute?! Wahhhh…

I know there is no point in imagining BL CPs in an otome game, but in this case I just couldn’t drop the thought, it was impossible.

My OTP and I’m not even kidding!!!! Bless Kakesen!!! I want a fandisc that’s just about Kakesen ichaicha and bullying and— oh god. The game ships them, too, and puts them together one way or another in every single route. Like, even if they aren’t paired up from the beginning there will be at least one scene of Kakeru pestering spending time with Senri somewhere in the route. Akito specifically ASKS Kakeru to take care of Senri (because he’s such a good big bro yada yada yada) and I want to hug and kiss him for this because THANK YOU AKITO! In Kakeru’s route Senri even moves in next door (okay more like, next village…) and runs to Kakeru for help, like, are you even real, I can’t…(/▽\*)。o○♡….they are practically screaming “SHIP US, PLEASE!” right into my face! I’m convinced those two are canon and their routes with Koharu are just camourflage. Hah.

No, but seriously I can scream about Kakesen all day. They are perfect. Just….someone please just make a BL route for them. LOL ; ; ; ; ; ;

Since both of their routes felt kind of lacking, I thought “why not have them make out with each other instead?” (//▽//) I mean they kind of hate each other, but feelings can change…! Plus: I have a thing for love-hate relationships….

Norn9 heroines

When I found out about the game offering three heroines I kind of expected unique characters, just like it’s the case for the male cast. Unfortunately though, the girls actually were quite similar to one another and I didn’t really feel much of change when playing the game as a different heroine. While all three girls do act kind of different on the outside (enough to be able to tell them apart), their core character and thought process throughout the routes is p. much the same and boils down to: “I hate myself/my power, I’m afraid to tell my real feelings, but I want to be of help”. That was kind of disappointing.

Koharu and Nanami both have a negative mindset when it comes to their power; they regard its very nature to be ‘bad’, so I can understand the similar thought process in their minds. Although on the other hand, the possibility of turning those powers into a strenght, into something positive, DOES exist and it’s brought up in e.g. Ron’s or Kakeru’s route. But it feels kinda rushed and unsatisfying…why not be more elaborate?! All that unused potential makes me sad /sigh/. It’s too bad that Mikoto goes down the same path, too. Her power actually being of the helpful sort (no matter how you see it, protective barriers don’t come off as harmful), there could have been so much more other than “let’s warp it so that it becomes a burden to her”. Again, this is brought up in e.g. Natsuhiko’s route, but even then Mikoto can’t actually feel good about it (which makes me wanna rip out my hair in frustration SERIOUSLY!!!).

I’m surprised that I ended up liking Mikoto the least, despite her design/character concept being the most appealing one (initially she reminded me of CZ’s Nadeshiko). I’m also surprised that I ended up liking Koharu AT ALL, since I usuall dislke naive/cutesy types.