Game Notes · PS Vita


NAKABAAAAAAA!!! Not gonna lie, Nakaba was the main reason why I wanted this game. I've been dying to play a route for him ever since the PSP version (never understood why he didn't have one to begin with). BUT that wasn't the only new thing Ex Time offered! There were additional, marriage-themed after ends for… Continue reading CLOCK ZERO EX TIME

Game Notes · PC / Steam


Got this game during a sale and even though it was only 3 bucks or something I REGRET spending money on it so so much! I didn't like ANY of the characters or their respective stories. Like, can you even call them stories? For the most part I was under the impression that it was just some borderline R18 PWP pretending… Continue reading OFFICE LOVERS

Game Notes · PC / Steam


MC's mom suddenly decides to re-marry, then immediately leaves on a work-related trip with her husband for a couple of months (!?). MC is to stay at their new home together with her new step-brothers, who're all very handsome and also younger than her. What could possibly go wrong in such a ~perfectly~normal~everyday setting~? Ha...ha...ha. I hate ticket systems, so… Continue reading OTOUTO SCRAMBLE